FlexClip is a Web Based Video Editor with A Timeline Mode

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Web-based video editors have been around for quite some time now. I love using web applications, they make doing tasks on low and computers super easy since you can do everything inside a browser and all the computing power is used on a remote server.

Other benefits include the ability to work on your projects from any computer since everything is in the cloud. And I love using it on my Lenovo Chromebook Duet.

I also love using web-based video editors for creating videos for social media, I don’t have to go back to my desktop computer, which has the video editing app of my choice.

Yes, we’re talking about the video editor apps, timeline-based editors make it easy to create videos.

Now there is finally a tool that gives the same timeline board in a web-based video editor.

FlexClip –  Web-Based Video Editor

I have tested a bunch of web-based video editors, FlexClip is the one video editor which has added the Timeline mode in their web app.

Not that the storyboard mod is less effective but, since I also use the video editing software, which is timeline based, it makes things easy for me to use web-based video editors.

What I like about Flexclip as you can directly access the transfer of stock footage, stock photos, music, that you can import into your timeline, which says a lot of time.

Timeline Mode is also a better choice for creating longer videos since you can drag the photos and or slow down, speed up, or trim the videos to get them to be of an exact period.

The Timeline Mode makes it easy to visually do things in the video editor. It has all the tools one would require to make simple videos.

If you go for premium plans, you get cloud storage as well where you can upload your footage, such as an intro and outro for your videos that you have to use more often.

I created the intro for our Foodtippr Blog inside the Flexclip, by using the stock footage and audio available in the weather.

The 20-second video to around 3 minutes to export, and another few seconds to download. Which is I meet you on the slow side, but considering you are saving a lot of time making the video (where you don’t have to look for stock footage and audio for your video), that 3 minutes is a big deal.

With the help of a simple calculation, we can expect the export time to be around 10 minutes for a 1-minute video for social media.

Limitations of the Timeline Mode in FlexClip

There are a few limitations to the Timeline mode, I hope someone these can be fixed in the future.

★ It only allows you to edit videos in the landscape mode, which is 16:9.

For Creating vertical videos, for Reels or Stories, you’ll still have to use the StoryBoard mode. But then stories are 15-second videos and Reels are 60-second videos. So, a video can be finished in a few slides.

★ Like I mentioned earlier in the article, I love using these video editing web apps on my Lenovo Chromebook Duet, as I can make videos on the go, on a super cheap tablet PC.

But the Timeline Mode of Flexclip is not optimized for a touch-based device, which makes it a little touch to edit videos without the keyboard and trackpad.

★ It would have been great if Flexclip worked on my iPad Air too, but sadly, it doesn’t support the browser on iPad. Both Safari and Google Chrome are incompatible with the Timeline Mode, but the Storyboard mode works just fine.

★ Although the timeline mode has a lot of potentials, as you can stretch, slow down, speed up, elements inside the flex clip video editor, it is still not the best choice for making YouTube content, especially vlogs, and podcasts, because you will have to manually upload your footage to the cloud, which is going to become productive. After all, after uploading and editing the video you will have to again download it.

But again this is too for all the web-based video editors available out there. They do offer a lot of flexibility, allowing you to make videos faster, without having to learn a lot of things about video editing.

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