A Complete Guide of eCommerce Software Development For Startups 

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eCommerce is a multi-trillion dollar business. There are lots of aspiring entrepreneurs investigating ecommerce software development, hoping to enter the market.

If you’re thinking of launching a business in the e-commerce application software development space but are worried about the expense of hiring a large development team, you sh ould look into hiring ecommerce software developers offshore.

Common Misconceptions About eCommerce Software Development

Lots of startups believe that they can’t outsource custom ecommerce software development agencies unless they have large and lengthy projects in the works. They also might think that they can’t afford it. 

The opposite is actually true. Outsourcing your e-commerce applications software development can grow your business quickly and optimally so that you can enter the market sooner than your potential competitors and start generating a profit right away.

Offshoring will save you a considerable amount of money, too. Not only do developers charge less in offshore destinations, but you’ll also save money on office space, computers, software licenses, health insurance, and recruitment fees. 

Hiring Freelancers vs. an Offshore Agency 

Of course, you could hire freelancers from all around the world via LinkedIn or Upwork and manage them yourself, but that can be tricky.

It can take months to find freelancers with the right experience, availability, and fees. You will have to vet them and manage them entirely on your own, and you aren’t guaranteed exclusivity.

Once you’ve hired them, you’ll have to bring them together as a team with a common communication channel, and close working relationship, even though they are in different locations. If one freelancer decides to quit, you’ll have to start the process all over again. 

An offshore agency will vet all the candidates for you, and they are dedicated solely to your project while you’ve hired them.

Chances are they’ve worked together in the past and have already established processes and workflows, which saves you time in the long run. If one developer quits, the agency will replace them with someone who is equally qualified and experienced. 

Hiring a custom ecommerce software development company overseas gives you access to senior developers with excellent skills and proven experience in the online retail space. 

Which Countries Are The Best For Offshoring? 

There are several countries that specialize in tech services, with numerous developers that are proficient in English (and the latest software languages and frameworks). 

However, you should hire a company in a country with the right average hourly rate, skills, language, and time zone. 

There are hundreds of thousands of developers in China, but they are not always proficient enough in English to communicate smoothly, and the time zone difference can be grueling if you are based in Europe or the United States. 

Indian developers are highly affordable, highly skilled, and proficient in English, but the time zone difference can be harsh. 

Eastern European developers are very tech-savvy, and the time zone is easy to manage. They would charge about a third of the price of a US developer. 

Steps in eCommerce Development

Now that you know where to find the team, you can start designing your project:

  1. Pick your target audience. Decide which niche you want to target and who your ideal customers are. 
  2. Decide which features you will need. You will need a payment method, chatbot, rating system, APIs, and excellent UI/UX capabilities to make your product work. 
  3. Plan the deadline for launch. Don’t forget to factor in time for maintenance and bug fixes. 
  4. Build a Minimum Viable Product. Your team will build a version of the product with only the primary features in place. Use this to test your app or site with your target audience. 
  5. Launch and maintain. Once you’ve made the final fixes, you can launch. Your project will likely require enhancements and improvements for years to come, so keep developers handy. 


eCommerce Software Development is not as complicated as you think. You probably don’t need as much cash or experience as you think you do! Make the right decisions regarding your team early on.

Hire the right fit, at the right rate, in the right time zone. Once you have a team of experts on your side, nothing can stop you. 

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