Why Does MacBook Pro Gets Hot? Reasons and Solution

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If you own a MacBook and face any issue of your Macbook getting heated up, this article will probably help you.

Before we talk about the steps you can follow to prevent your Macbook from getting heated up, let’s talk about some basic reasons why a laptop is getting heated up in the first place.

Computers tend to get hot

Computers, in general, have to fight with heat that is produced while they are running. This is why computers, be it a desktop or laptop, are designed to have fans in them to spin and get the heat out of the system.

So the issue is not your computer getting heated. The issue is, your computer is getting heated too much.

When you touch your laptop, the heat you notice doesn’t mean the heat is affecting it at all because the internals of a laptop/desktop has to deal with temperatures that can be in the range of 50° C to 70° C.

The heat you notice on your laptop also depends on the material your laptop is made from.

For example, Macbooks have got aluminum casing. The fact that they are so thin allows you to feel the heat, compared to a laptop with some plastic material casing, and are thick compared to MacBook.

Keep Check on CPU Temperature

Some applications will tell you the internal temperature of your MacBook Pro, one of the apps that I use is CleanMyMac, which is more than just an app to monitor the temperature.

When installed, it runs in the background, and you can click on its icon from the menubar. It shows you important things like how much memory e is being used, how much space has been occupied, how much space is free, and the CPU temperature.

Unless the fans on your MacBook start spinning like crazy, making a lot of noise, you don’t have to worry about anything.

And even if they start paining like crazy making a lot of noise, it’s designed to take the heat away if you are using your Macbook to its full potential. If you are doing video editing and photo editing, I have opened many Google Chrome tabs, and many applications are running in the background.

It would mean that your computer is using many resources, which is why the fan is spinning to take out as much as possible.

The CleanMyMac App can show you how much of the CPU load and how much RAM is being used by these applications, which can help you understand why your computer is getting heated up in the first place.

Apart from that, there can be many cases is where you are not doing anything resource-intensive get your MacBook’s fans are spinning faster and making a lot of noise.

In cases like these, there can be two possible reasons: the software base and Hardware base.

Software based issue

Badly coded app

Whether there is a badly coded app you may have installed recently, e aur maybe even and the older app has got an update which has messed it up, and your computer is getting heated up only when this particular app is being run.

Diagnosing this will take a little time as you will have to close down the apps and noticed your computer’s behavior, but with the latter patients, you will be able to figure it out.

Apart from software-based issue, there could be a hardware-based issue as well.

Hardware based issue

MacBook Pro gets hot while charging

This is something many people have complained that their MacBooks are getting heated up whenever they put it on charging.

When you are charging your Macbook, it will generate heat because you are trying to charge the batteries of your Macbook. When any battery is charged, its temperature rises from the normal temperature.

And since we earlier talked about their aluminum casing of the laptop, it’s easy for you to feel that heat.

If you can’t bear the heat whenever your Macbook is on charging, you can try I not charging whenever you are working on heavy tasks on your computer. Please charge your Macbook while it is turned off.

Of other steps you can follow as you can charge your MacBook in small time blocks, for example, you can start with 0%, then unplug it at 25%, and then work on it for some time, plug the charger in again, and that is charged to 50%.

Macbook uses Lithium-ion batteries. This charging behavior does not affect its charging capacity. It has been found that not charging the lithium-ion batteries fully can and extend its lifespan. So you don’t always have to get your laptop charge 100%.

MacBook Pro gets hot playing Minecraft or other games

Many people have also been complaining about MacBooks’ poor gaming performance. Where are their machines get heated quickly?

Macbooks have never been the best choice for Gamers. Many games are not even compatible with Mac OS, so the best choice for Gamers is probably Windows.

And the games available for MacBooks Aakruti resource-intensive, which means if you have got entry-level MacBook, it is not the best performing machine. It will run to its full potential to smoothly play the game, resulting in getting your laptop heated up quickly.

And another fact that adds to it is the laptop’s aluminum casing, which makes you feel that the laptop is getting heated up too much.

Things you can do to tackle Macbook heating issue

I have been using Macbook for more than half a decade, and my first Macbook was MacBook Air, in then I upgraded to MacBook Pro. I have faced similar issues that I talked about in this article.

And what I’ve learnt is that these are pretty delicate machines that cannot run in in every situation. If it’s winter out there, you can use it anywhere as long as it is not sure.

Keep Room Temperature Controlled

But when it’s Summertime, you can not use it outdoor anywhere with the temperature above 35 ° celsius.

Turning on air condition and bringing down the room temperature can help reduce the heating of the MacBook as well. I tend to keep my room temperature between 22° C to 24° C.

Try Not Blocking Air Vents

The new design of MacBooks has got air vent at the back just where the hinge is. This means if you are putting your laptop on a bed, you might be blocking those bands resulting in getting your Macbook heated up quickly.

Even if you are using your Macbook on your lap, make sure you do not block the air vents.

Get Laptop Cooling Pads

You will find laptop cooling pads available on Amazon in the range of $25 – $35. Cooling pads have separate fans and are much powerful and also elevate the laptop, which helps in better air ventilation allowing the laptop to cool down quickly.

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