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Content consumption behaviour has changed drastically in the last few years. Avaiability of affordable android smartphones, cheap data and apps have made content consumption effortless.

But there has hardly been a change in how the content is created. Mobile phones may have powerful processors, but their small screen size is quite limiting to create content. But it’s still possible, you have to make a habit of it.

I love creating content on Mobile, because it removed the limitation of me sitting on a desk. I can create from anywhere, and utilize the unutilized time blocks that goes wasted.

This is why I have been a fan of Mobile Filmmaking. It’s a topic I passionately write about on the blog.

About the written content part, I am trying to optimize it. I’ve recently switched to iPhone 12 Pro Max, and trying to use it to create all sort of content, including articles like these.

Can you use iPhone to write long articles?

In 2015, I wrote about my experience of writing long articles on my mobile phone.

At that time, I was using a 5.5-inch Android mobile phone. It was one of the flagship smartphones in 2015, and I had great success in creating content.

Since then, I have been using every smartphone to write long articles. I may have written to 3 articles per month on my mobile phone. 

But more than a dozen what started on A smartphone and was later complete on a laptop thanks to services like Google docs and dropbox to keep files synced between mobile phones and computers.

There are two ways to write on iPhone. 

Using the Keyboard

It is a little intimidating to know you have to type more than 500 to 800 words on a tiny keyboard. But we all have been using the same Keyboard for writing messages, tweeting, commenting on other people’s posts all the time.

You can manage to write long-form content on it. The only concern is speed. You will not be as fast as you are while using a full-sized keyboard, but your ability to use your mobile phone to write content is in your favor.

You can use time chunks to create content when you are not in front of your computer. 

And you don’t have to finish your article in one go. You can do it in batches. 

Or get the idea, write a few lines of it and move to the next one. If you also have a Macbook, you can continue your article on it as the sync feature is pretty fast between the Apple devices. 

My recommendation would be to install the SwiftKey keyboard. It’s a much better keyboard app than the stock one available. A simple change in the theme of the keyboards makes a big difference in how long you can use the Keyboard on your phone.

Please note: I’ve written this part of the article using the Keyboard in my iPhone.

Using Voice Typing 

The voice typing feature on iPhone has improved drastically since the last time I checked. Here’s how it is in comparision to voice typing on Android

It also works in offline mode, and the transcription is almost perfect. You can also give it a command to insert a period after a sentence.

It also allows you to jump from one paragraph to another. It is a much faster way to write long-form content on your iPhone.

You can always move back to the keyboard mode to make changes where it is required.

There is another upside to using voice typing for writing long-form content. You do not get bored of reading the article for proofreading, which helps you catch more typos on your article and fix it.

My suggestion would be to copy-paste the long-form content you have written using voice typing into Grammarly, an excellent tool for perfecting your articles to make them grammatically correct.

Please Note: This part of the article is written using a voice typing feature on iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

The last time I wrote an article like this using voice in 2015 was when using my android smartphone. I have continued doing so since then. My last android phone, the Asus 6Z, a great smartphone, was also pretty helpful in writing long-form content.

But if I have to compare writing on Asus6 zee with writing on iPhone 12 Promax, It is a better experience to write on iPhone, thanks to a bigger screen and pretty accurate voice typing feature.

Thanks to the amazing sync feature of the notes app, which makes the process of switching from my phone to continue writing the article on MacBook pretty frictionless.


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