10 Crucial Apps on My Android Mobile I Can’t Live Without

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After reading similar kind of lists on other tech blogs, I am inspired to write mine.

Even though I have as much as 100 apps installed on my Android mobile, like many other people, it’s only a handful of apps that I use on a daily basis. And when it comes to the apps I can’t live without, I am happy to say that they are only a few.

1.Keyboard App: Gboard

The Gboard app is the most used app on any smartphone since you have to use them everywhere you have to input text.

Prior to using the Gboard app, I have used swift key for several years, and it is still installed on my phone. But I have switched to Gboard app because of its amazing features which is mentioned here.

2. Chrome for Android

I have made a habit of using my Mobile for consuming content. So I use Chrome for Android for research purposes and casual browsing.

I love using it because all my passwords for web logins are stored in Google Chrome Password Manager, which let’s me use it on my Android as well.

I am also able to check out the tabs that were open in Google Chrome on my PC.

3. Lynket

It saves a lot of my time. Almost every app I use for communication or staying updated, has links that open in a web browser

This means I will have to stare at my phone screen for a few seconds everytime I open a link

Lynket allows me to open the links in a bubble so that I can continue accessing other apps and open all the links in bubbles.

Once I’m done checking apps, I go to each bubble of Lynket. It’s super convenient for me.

Earlier I was using Flynx for this but I’ve found Lynket is be more stable and better on the UI.

4. Evernote

I use it for Storing Soft Copies of important document as well as set reminders to renew services.

Things such as, renewing Insurance every year, getting the Purifier services every 6 months, getting the kids vaccination etc.

For taking notes i started using Google Keeps since it’s easier to access at Google Keeps is associated with Google account which is already logged in.

5. Pocket App

I find a lot of awesome peice of content during the day at my work. I simply send it to my Pocket app to read later.

I’ve started using it even more as it allows me to read faster. I’ve mentioned that trick here.

6. Moon Reader Pro

Just like articles, I read a lot of ebooks from time to time. I always try to read before sleeping.

One other cool thing that makes me love Moon Reader Pro is its text to speech capabilities, I can listen to my ebooks with my eyes closed and can finish a book 3x faster. Read about it here.

7. Inbox by Google

Email is an important part of the workflow for a lot of us.

Inbox by Google app keeps me sane with my emails. It allows me to pin important emails and snooze to the ones I have to tackle but can’t do it at the time when I receive.

Sadly, Google is closing it down. It has incorporated some of the features of the Inbox by Google into the main Gmail app, but I’m going to use Inbox by Google as long as it works.

8. SoundCloud

It’s my favour music player, Infact it’s much more than that. It’s YouTube but for audio.

There is no subscription to worry about, you can create Playlists and the songs can be played in the background.

Good thing is, most of the songs are available on it.

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