A Clever Use of Google Spreadsheets as a Kitchen Log

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I’m a lazy person, and that’s why I am always looking for the easiest way to do something. I spend plenty of time to look for tiny gadgets that can save a few minutes of my everyday time.

I’ve done it well so far and I’ve even made my wife’s life easy with the help of a simple Google Spreadsheet.

What the Spreadsheet actually does?

I know it’s not rocket science but when I showed it to my wife, she was impressed, which is a rare event, especially when I am involved.

Prior to this, she used to keep a log of the Milk Delivered to our home. The Milkman delivers 3ltrs of milk every day, sometimes it’s 2.5ltrs and some days it’s just 2ltrs and some days he doesn’t show up.

So, she used a Table Calander to mark the dates with how much milk has been delivered. And at the end of every month, she sat down to calculate the bill.

This is how the Spreadsheet looks.

I installed the Google Spreadsheet app on her Android phone, (iOS | Android) created a new Spreadsheet and shared with me as well (so that I too can fill it). I put some formulas that that will automatically calculate the number of liters of milk delivered throughout the month.

This number was also multiplied by the fixed number (price of 1-liter milk) giving the total bill amount.

So, all she has to do now is put the number of liters of milk delivered every day. The column even changes to Red when it’s not delivered.

Not a revolutionary thing to do, but saves a few minutes every month.

It’s just one example how cool Google Spreadsheets are, you can put it to a good use, all you need is to think how to make use of it for your problem.

I’ve created a template in case you want to use it. Make sure you change it according to your needs, e.g, the price of Milk (or anything else you want to keep a log for)

Use the template

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