WebChatGPT Chrome Extension Adds WebSearch Results to ChatGPT

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This tool called ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm, it’s like chatting with a superhuman that knows about everything. It’s like it has read the entire internet. 

Turns out it did.

ChatGPT has scraped the internet till 2021. Anything you ask Chat GPT,  it will answer you by analysing all the data it has scraped.  But if you ask about anything that happened after 2021 it will tell you that it doesn’t know the answer. 

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For Example: if you ask who won the FIFA World Cup in 2022. It doesn’t know because it has only scraped content tale 2021.  

Wouldn’t it be great if it also scraped the internet in 2022,  maybe we will have to wait for an update from open ai to update its database of ChatGPT? 

But here is what you can do right now

You can make it more usable, and let it give you updated information from the internet.  You can install this Google Chrome Extension called WebChatGPT.  and it’s free. 

Once you have installed the google chrome extension the icon will appear in the browser address bar.  When you click on it, it will open the Chat GPT. 

And now when you type anything, this chrome extension will add results from Google Search results to the page. The number of results you can choose on the ChatGPT page. 

Along with the web search results, it will also write a prompt asking ChatGPT to give you an answer based on the search results.  Pretty cool right?

What are the use cases of using WebChatGPT Extension?

Although you can easily do a Google search if you are looking for answers, the chrome extension makes it easy for you to get a simplified answer by letting ChatGPT write it for you. 

Obviously, you will have to go through the search result pages if you are looking to do in-depth research,  it is still cool that you can get updated answers from Chat GPT without having to wait for the official update. 

Do you like using ChatGPT? How do you use it?

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