10+ Amazing Android Apps for A Faster Workflow

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There are thousands of apps in the Play Store, it takes a lot of time and effort to dive in the massive pools of apps and pick out the gems that are really worth space on your Smartphone.

We did that for you and here are some of the best apps you can install on your Android phone.

Check out these amazing Android app for a faster Workflow.

1. Parallel Space – Create Multi Accounts


There are times when you feel like having the option to add two accounts in the same app, like 2 Gmail accounts, or 2 Instagram or Twitter, or maybe 2 Facebook accounts?

Parallel Space gives you that option, by allowing you to run two instances of the same app. As the name suggests, it gives a parallel space to you to use a separate account.

Though the apps like Gmail, Twitter, Instagram allow multiple accounts, having two accounts using the Parallel space is helpful in certain scenarios, like, If you are trying to share something on Instagram directly from another app, then you will have to switch to the particular account before choosing the app to share.

While if you are using Parallel Space, you can simply select another app with a (+) sign.

Here is a detailed write-up on Parallel Space you might find useful. Check it out.

➤ Install from Play Store 

2. Universal Copy

We do copy pasting on our phone all the times, but the feature is not available in all the apps, like Facebook or Instagram.

The Universal Copy app comes in handy in certain situations, I’ve found myself in situations where I have to copy something from Facebook, but the App doesn’t allow me, so I have to open Facebook in Chrome and the paste it, this going to and fro takes times.

With universal app, you can simply copy directly from the Facebook app itself,

➤ Install from Play Store

3. Dactyl

If you use a phone that has a fingerprint sensor, (even the Redmi 4 at Rs 6999/- has a fingerprint sensor now), then you can use this app to make the fingerprint sensor work as a shutter for the Camera used in third party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Prisma, Instagram etc.

This is quite useful for bigger phones where it’s tough to tap the shutter button while holding it while taking selfies.

➤ Install from Play Store

4. AmpME

The AmpMe app is quite cool, let’s you and your friends play any song in sync with all your phones so that you can have that loud music without the need of an external speaker.

You will be amazed how much better the sounds comes just from two phones.

➤ Install from Play Store

5. Fingerprint Quick Actions

This adds more functionality to the fingerprint sensor, and it not only unlocks the device but can be used for a host of other things, like Make the device ‘sleep’, ‘go home’, ‘show recent apps’, ‘expand notification panel’, ‘launch an app’ etc.

➤ Install from Play Store

6. Nova Launcher

From last few years I had been using Go Launcher, which is also a quite useful launcher, but I switched to Nova Launcher and I’m never going back, it is simple yet packed with features.

In fact, I am using it just like I used Go Launcher, but I am loving Nova Launcher because it is not aggressive like the Go Launcher in promoting useless junk that I don’t want.

I’ve set it up in a way that it works Pixel Launcher but still offer more functionality and customizability.

➤ Install from Play Store

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7. App Lock – Fingerprint Unlock

This app lets you add one more layer of security, Use the Fingerprint to lock your apps as well.

You might lock some apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook etc for an extra layer of security, but the pattern locks are old, this app helps you unlock even your apps as quickly as you unlock your phone.

➤ Install from Play Store

8. Gravity Gesture

This app makes your smartphone even smarter, as the name suggests, you can add gestures to do an action, like Opening an app, a website, turn on the flashlight etc.

The app uses phone’s inbuilt accelerometer and gyroscope to set and recognize the gestures.

The app definitely takes a bit of learning and getting used to but proves to be a big time saver in the long run.

➤ Install from Play Store

9. FlyTube

If you are like me, you also must be using YouTube to listen to music, it works pretty well on PC, but on Mobile, the YouTube app has to be active, and you cannot really do anything else.

This app simply lets you play YouTube in the background, actually as a PIP (Picture in Picture).

Though this feature has been added natively to Android O. But, there is hardly anyone who is getting the Upgrade anytime soon. So, till then, FlyTube is your friend if you love listening to music on YouTube.

Google has removed the app from the Play Store, but you can still use it, just download and install the APK from the link below.

➤ Download APK

10. FlyChat

Similar to FlyTube, This app lets you put chat chats from the messaging apps in a popup so that you keep doing whatever you are doing, (like, browsing your Facebook Newsfeed or Reading an Article on Techtippr ;)

It actually really helpful and saves a lot of time in switching between messaging apps.

➤ Install from Play Store

11. Flynx Browser


Similar to both FlyTube and FlyChat, the Flynx browser is your friend if you check a lot of links that appear on your Facebook, Twiter or anywhere else.

The links open in a popup bubble so that you keep doing whatever you are doing, keep opening links, and they keep opening in a bubble, let them load and go read/check them later.

Read more about Flynx: Take a look at this detailed write-up on our blog

Also useful for users with slow mobile data since you can do other things while the links load. Quite a clever app.

➤ Install from Play Store

12. Pushbullet

You can mirror your smartphone notification to your PC so that you don;t have to get up and check your phone every time there is a notification.

You can really not care if your phone is in the other room, you can still get the notifications on your PC. It’s quite a time saver.

You can do much more than just get notifications on your PC, I use it for things like sending links to my phone, or a piece of text. It’s super convenient. Take a look at this detailed write-up on our blog.

➤ Install from Play Store

13. Moon Reader App

I’ve included the Moon reader app for people who love to read books, switch to reading eBooks instead.

You can carry literally hundreds of eBooks in your pocket.

Also, Moon Reader app helps you read books faster, I can literally finish a book in just 3 hours.

I’ve finished a 6 series Book in just 5 days. Check out the detailed write up on how it helps you read faster.

➤ Install from Play Store

14. Pocket App ( Read Articles 3x Faster)

The Pocket app is a Read-Later app where you can add articles for reading later. This feature is the key feature of the app. However, I use it for reading long for articles faster.

Using its text-to-speech feature, I can read articles faster, like I read the Books faster with the help of the Moon Reader app.

Check out the detailed guide on how to read articles faster.

➤ Install from Play Store

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