Watch Amazon Prime Video Shows in Piture-in-Picture Mode on Computer

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Thanks to the high-speed internet connection, we can watch high definition videos on the internet. And while YouTube is is the largest video sharing website in the world, there are dozens of on-demand video streaming services available as well.

Of all the popular on-demand video sharing services, the Prime Video from Amazon is available in almost 200 countries in the world (Source). And it is also one of the cheapest Premium video streaming services out there, especially in India, which is costs as low as $2.49/month(Rs 199/month).

Since it is from Amazon, is also bundled with Amazon Prime, which has more perks to offer, such as Free Fast deliveries, Prime Music subscription, etc.

Play Prime Videos in PiP Mode

I want to share what I’ve been using lately, to binge-watch some of my favourite TV Shows on Prime video while doing other things on my laptop as well.

I have a dual monitor setup at my home office, which makes it easy to play any video in one monitor, while I can do some other stuff on the monitor.

But, when I am working on my MacBook Air, which is a 13-inch laptop, much space to do multitasking.

But thanks to this tiny Chrome extension called PiP Plus (Picture-in-Picture Plus) which easily lets you pop out any video that is playing in a browser tab, and floats over other browser tabs.

You can also resize the video as per your liking, and you drag anywhere on the screen.

The Chrome extension is built for YouTube, Facebook and other video platforms but it also works with Prime Video as well as Netflix.

Does Multi-Tasking Save Time?

There has always been an ongoing debate about whether multitasking is productive or not.

Watching videos while doing your focused task is not recommended, but we all have some work that needs little attention, like, some admin work, making some changes to files here and there, or anything that does not require 100% attention.

You can watch your favourite movies, or TV shows from Prime Video in a popup window, while continue doing other things, even if it doesn’t make you more productive, it will at least make you less guilty of wasting time.

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