Watch Netflix Videos in PIP Mode on Laptop While Multi Tasking

Did you know that you can play Netflix videos in a picture in picture mode while doing other things on your laptop? Continue reading this article to know more about it.

We all have 24 hours in a day, and in this time, we have to sleep, work, and do other things as well.

Some people manage to find extra time to Binge-watch their favorite shows on Netflix, and I am not that ‘Lucky one’.

Because, I have to work to pay the bills, and buy the subscription of Netflix, which I rarely use.

The only time I get to watch Netflix is when I am doing something less critical — such as some admin work, optimizing the website speed, design, and other aspects of this blog.

Watching Netflix Videos in PIP Mode

When I am on my office desk, it is easy to watch Netflix in one monitor and do other things on the second monitor, on my dual monitor set up.

But when I am on my laptop, it is pretty challenging to manage multiple App windows, while watching something on Netflix.

That is why I was looking for something that could let me watch the Netflix videos in a floating window, which can be dragged anywhere on the screen while I can pretend to work to make myself feel less guilty about it.

I remember Opera browser offers a similar feature for YouTube videos, where you could pop-out the YouTube videos in a separate resizable window, but it doesn’t work with other video streaming platforms.

So I found this Browser extension which is available for Google Chrome, that can easily pop out video playing in a browser tab, and it works with Netflix as well.

I had previously written about it for playing YouTube videos in PiP mode, and I have even tried it with Amazon Prime, I wasn’t really sure whether this would work on Netflix, because it is more destructive than Amazon Prime.

But fortunately, the Pip Plus Chrome extension lets you pop out Netflix video in a window that you can resize or drag anywhere on your screen.

I have tried watching a few movies, with Netflix playing in PIP mode while doing other things, which I was successfully able to complete, but it took a little longer than usual.

Sadly, the subtitle feature doesn’t work in a popup window, so if you are watching any content in a foreign language, you might not be able to enjoy the video in PIP mode.

But it is still a fantastic Workaround for me to manage to watch a few videos every day without the guilt of paying the Netflix monthly subscription fees for no reason.

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