Auto Delete Files in Download Folder and Recycle Bin after 30 Days

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The recycle bin feature on Windows PC comes in quite handy to restore files you have deleted accidentally. But it has a limited capacity, so you should always make the habit of clearing your Recycle Bin every once in a while.

Talking about and automation, you can make your recycle bin clear automatically every 30 days also, because I believe if you do not need a file for the next 30 days chances are you are not going to need it anymore.

So, setting up in automation to delete files in every 30 days will help you stay organized.

You can also use the automation on the download folder, where most of your files are downloaded automatically from your browser if you haven’t changed the destination folder.

Within to download a lot of stuff from the internet and it can stack up a lot of space over a period of time. It will be a smart move to use automation to delete files every few days.

In this article by going to learn about how we can,

Set auto-deletion of files from Download folder and Recycle bin.

If you keep your Windows 10 after dated, you may already have gotten this new feature of maintaining storage space on your machine.

You can get the feature from Windows settings panel. Open it by pressing Win + I and then go to System -> Storage.

You will find the storage sense option on the right-hand side, click on the toggle button to turn it on if it isn’t already.

You will find another option called ‘Change how we free up space’ under the toggle button.

You get three options when you click on the option.

  • Delete temporary files that my apps aren’t using
  • Delete files that have been in the recycle bin for over 30 days
  • Delete files in the Downloads folder that haven’t changed in 30 days

Please note that all the files that you download under the download folder will get deleted automatically after 30 days, so make sure you download important files elsewhere.

Auto clear the recycle bin

To clear the recycle bin automatically, you can use a freeware called ‘Auto recycle bin’.

The software can auto-delete files after a specific period of time. Clearing your Recycle Bin on an Automated basis will prevent you from clearing it out in case of an urgency, which will also prevent you from deleting the files you may need.

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