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If you are a Social Media Junkie and use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many other social platforms but your iPhone doesn’t allow you to install all these apps because it has less storage, then you might find this particular app useful.

Pyxsee is an app that will let you use multiple social networks in one place.

We have shared few tips and tricks to make space on your Android smartphone, but there is hardly anything that you can do on iPhone because of the limitation it brings.

So apps like this might be useful that can prevent you from installing multiple apps and instead use a single app to access all the social platforms.

Interesting features of Pyxsee App

Even though the primary objective of this app is to save time and when your iPhone’s space, there are few interesting features that you might find useful even if you have a lot of space on your smartphone.

★ Switch easily between social networks by tapping on the icons of the social networks stacked horizontally on the top.

★ You can also use swipe left or swipe right action to switch between the social networks.

★ You can post status updates (it has different terms for the different social network) to all your social network all at once by selecting them.

★ The app also shows you how much time you have spent on each of the Social networks so that you can evaluate your time management.

★ It will monitor your activity and show a chart and graphical representation of the time spent on each network.

★ The apps for all the social networks are quite heavy because of the features they offer, especially the Facebook app which is almost 100 MB in size and can take up to how far GB of size on your smartphone.

Even though there are lighter versions of social networking apps available for Android, we don’t have anything like that for iOS. Which makes this app pretty useful to use and can save as much as 1 GB of space on your smartphone.

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