How To Increase Instagram Followers Instantly: 7 Effective Ways

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Asif Ahmed
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There’s no denying that the number of your Instagram followers ultimately shows your presence, authority, and success on the platform.

The more followers you have, the higher chances you’ve of increasing traffic to your site, making more sales, or even becoming a trendsetting influencer. So, here are 7 effective ways that’ll help you get the desired number of followers on Instagram. Let’s start!

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

The most important step to gaining followers on Instagram is to have your profile fully optimized. A fully optimized profile performs better on the platform.

It forms the base on which you can experiment with different strategies. Well, for the initial phase and for building a strong base, you can buy Instagram followers.

The first and foremost thing that comes into play while optimizing your Instagram profile is its bio.

Your Instagram profile bio should be on point. Just like every website has the ‘homepage’, every Instagram profile has the ‘bio’. Make sure it’s short, unique, professional, catchy, and such that encourages the target audience to follow you.

You can add a link to your website, keywords, hashtags, mention any other Instagram account, etc. Whatever you include, make sure it’s relevant to your brand, products, and target audience.

Secondly, your profile should have a proper and search-friendly username. Your username should be the name from which people know you and not something else. When anyone searches any name thinking of you, your profile should pop up at the top. Also, try to avoid including numbers or any special characters in your username.

Thirdly, your profile image should be on point as its basis on the picture of your identity depends. A profile picture should be the one that let people know accurately that the account belongs to you. 

Additionally, you can go for maintaining a color theme for your profile feed. You can also follow a pattern or design theme for your posts to optimize your feed. 

Research And Use Hashtags

The next most important thing that ca take skyrocket your followers count on Instagram is hashtags. Hashtags on Instagram perform similar to keywords on Google and are a must for anyone who wants to grow.

Hashtags help to boost the reach, discoverability, and engagement of posts on Instagram. When you use them your profile also gets visible to more people. As a result, the chances of getting followers also get boosted.

There is a wide range of hashtags that you can use. However, neither should you use 30 hashtags nor any random hashtags in your posts. You should go for using 11-15 hashtags per post. Also, go for the ones that are relevant to your posts or target audience.

Engage With Others

By engaging with others, we ask you to engage with both your existing followers as well as your target audience. Engaging, interacting, and communicating with others on Instagram is crucial for growth on Instagram in the long term. 

If you want to gain more Instagram followers, we would suggest you engage, interact, and communicate as much as possible. On one side it helps your existing followers not lose interest in you and stay motivated to keep engaging. On the other hand, you get the opportunity to build trust and to get a follow from new audiences.

Run Instagram Giveaways

You can basically use giveaways as a magnet to gain followers on Instagram. It’s very simple. We all know that no one doesn’t like free stuff, award, or recognition.

You can run these contents at regular intervals to keep giving a boost to your followers’ count. We would suggest you mention specific conditions for participating or entry into the contest.

Make sure one of the conditions is following you. In the end, as you want to attract a quality following, make sure that the prize of your contest is worth it.

Post At The Best Times

Most people don’t know but posting at different times affects the number of followers, likes, comments, and other engagements you receive. There are particular times in a day when your audience remains the most active and engaging.

Well, there is no universal time to post on Instagram to reach the highest number of people. However, you can take the help of Instagram insights or several tools out there to find out the ideal times to post.

Drive traffic from other sources

Make your Instagram presence felt out there in the world. Share your Instagram efforts in your Twitter bio, include it in your email signature, and throw it in your company newsletter.

The more you can point people towards the platform, the more eyeballs you’ll get on your content and the more chances for engagement.

Buy Instagram Followers

Well, this is the best and the most instant way to get desired followers on Instagram. We’ve mentioned it as the last point in the list because most people don’t feel confident buying such services.

But, in reality, as long as you’re buying from the best sites to buy Instagram followers, there’s nothing to worry. Today, most celebrities, influencers, and other personalities rely on these services to maintain their presence, authority, and growth.


Well, there you have it: your crash course on how to increase Instagram followers instantly. It’s time to apply these tricks and hacks. All The Best!

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