7 Top Security Chrome Extensions for Secure Browsing Experience

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At the majority of your work happens inside Google Chrome on your laptop, then I am sure you must be concerned about the security of it.

Majority of us boot our computer to connect to the internet and get our stuff done.

There are a lot of factors that you need to take care of if you want a safer browsing experience.

So we have listed out some of the best security extensions that you can install for your Google Chrome. And make sure your work is secure.

Avast Chrome extension

Avast is a popular antivirus, whose job is to keep your computer secured. And the Chrome extension is a lighter version and that gives you pretty much all the security you need to have a safer browsing experience.

It blocks phishing sites, prevents data theft, gives warnings about anything that goes wrong with your Chrome Browser, it also rates website according to their trustworthiness.

It also blocks cookies from tracking your browsing activities.

Install the Chrome extension

HTTPS Everywhere

The https everywhere Chrome extension will protect you from all the malicious entity is that would try to see the information that is being exchanged between your computer and the remote server.

If you ever use a public Wi-Fi, then it becomes very easy for anyone to view all the confidential information that is being shared between you and an and Secure connection.

The information can be the password of your social media profile, or it can be your credit card information, comedy some more important secrets that you do not want to get leaked.

This website makes sure that the connection is always secure by applying https everywhere.

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The LastPass extension is your personal Password Manager that will increase audio passwords using 256 bit AES encryption and salted hashing.

Not only it makes it easier for you to login to your account without having to remember your password, but you can also be assured that your password is not going to be leaked.

All you have to do is remember a single master password to access all the passwords.

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Pure VPN

European is one of the leading VPN clients which provides stop not online privacy and security.

The VPN offers faster-browsing speed while being connected to a secure server.

It will help you browse the web security and even access websites for content that has been blocked for your geographical region since you can mask your original IP and use a remote server to access the restricted sites are content.

It is helpful in blocking ads or crackers, it also prevents you against malware or data theft.

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ByteFence Secure browsing

Secure browsing Chrome extension is a must-have if you do a lot of research and it requires you to visit a lot of websites and click a lot of links.

A Chrome extension can keep a check on the emails you receive to find if there is an email containing a malicious link.

It will automatically Blacklist links that are not secure and also check the previous links you have visited to notify if there is any possible online threat to your security.

You can right-click on any of the links to find out more about the link.

Install the Chrome extension

Ghostery Chrome extension

The purpose of this Chrome extension is to keep your online activities private and Secure.

It will scan the websites you visit and will track down all sorts of crackers present on a website and help you block them.

You can also make a whitelist of websites where you do not want this Chrome extension to run but by default, it blocks all the track your activity automatically.

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Zenmate offers VPN facility that can encrypt all your activities. I protect your real identity with a virtual IP address, which enables you to browse region based restricted content.

It prevents websites from loading Tractors in your browser so that you can not get early targeted by advertising services, Oriya original location is not revealed.

Install the Chrome extension

So these were some of the best Chrome extensions you can install on your Google Chrome Browser and keep working as much as you can without having to worry about getting your data breach or getting targeted.

There are many other Chrome extensions that can you let you do amazing things and supercharge your browsing experience, you can check out more articles about Google Chrome Extensions by clicking the tag.

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