How to block time wasting websites on PC?

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People who do or Jobs or work outdoors, come to the computers either to enjoy their free time / or to get some work done, but people whose work involves computers itself, it becomes quite a task for them to focus on the actual work.

Because, the internet is a funny place and you cannot reach to the bottom of your Facebook Newsfeed, as it will keep on feeding you more information.

Same goes with numerous social networking websites, and this is why, in this article, we will learn how we can block time-wasting sites on your PCs so that we can focus on our work and get stuff done.

Install browser extensions for blocking websites

There are different types of Chrome extensions available for you to choose from.

You can pick something like FocusMe or RescueTime which will come in handy to give you a detailed breakdown of what you are accessing and what website you should consider as time wasters, and you can then go ahead and block those websites.

Alternatively, you can use Leechblock extension if you use Firefox or you can use WasteNoTime if you are a Safari user.

The setting about these Chrome extension is that they would only work if you are using these are browsers where the extensions are installed.

At any point in time, if you lose focus, you can fire up another browser or Incognito browsing mode to access the websites.

These Chrome extensions are preventing you from accessing the addictive websites, but you could also find the second alternative for restricting Time wasting websites pretty interesting.

Block addictive websites via your Router

If you find yourself getting easily bypassed by the restrictions set up by yourself in the browsers, you can restrict websites from the router, which would mean that the sites wouldn’t open when you are connected to the network even from smartphones.

You can easily switch to OpenDNS, which offers a Network-wide Parental Control System where you can select reset restrictions or select custom restrictions by manually disabling access to certain websites.

And after that all you need to do is change the DNS settings on your router to reflect the open DNS nameservers, once you are done with it, you won’t be able to access the websites that were wasting your time.

If you have been using modem Wi-Fi Routers, chances are it has got an inbuilt option of parental controls, which can also be used for blocking certain websites that you feel are the reason for your procrastination.

Work in offline mode

If neither of the systems works for you and nothing can easily stop you from accessing those addictive websites, it might be a good idea to get offline and get your job done.

You can disconnect your Wi-Fi network or turn off the router, or maybe go out of your office and sit in a cafe.

It is tough to let go of the urge to binge watch your favorite TV shows, or maybe spend a few more minutes scrolling your Facebook Newsfeed, or that exciting video you stumble upon YouTube suggestion box, you need to work on your self-control.

Since we all have the same 24 hours every day, several hours of which we spend sleeping, it will be better if you set time for doing essential tasks and then utilize the remainder of your day doing other things.

It’s just about prioritizing your work. I hope this article will be helpful to you in fighting your procrastination and getting things done.

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