CamScanner Alternative? NoteBloc is A Wonderful Lightweight Scaning App

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Several reports are mentioning that the popular scanning app, CamScanner has got a Chinese Malware that can potentially affect your Android mobile

The app has been currently removed from the Play Store to keep the users secure, but the users who have already installed them are advised to uninstall the app ASAP.

The app has been installed 100 million times so it can affect severely to a very large group of people.

The scanning app is one of the essential apps required by almost everyone, since it is useful in digitalizing paper documents by scanning them using a mobile phone

I am going to mention one of the best CamScanner alternative that I have come across and I have been using it from last few years

Also, my reason of choosing NoteBloc app over the CamScanner app was different back then.

It should be the top priority of people who were using CamScanner to move away from the app and install something else for scanning their documents.

NoteBloc is a lightweight scanning app you can install from the Play Store, it is absolutely free and comes with minimal ads. If you don’t want to look at ads, can buy the premium version, which is just around $1.49.

It has all the functions you would want in a scanning app, pretty much everything you might be using in the CamScanner app.

It also takes less space on your mobile phone.

Scanning documents using NoteBloc app

The aap is pretty straight forward to use, just launch, give it the permission to use the camera.

Put the document on the table, make sure you have sufficient light source.

Once you have the document shown in the camera, it will automatically try to to figure out the size of the document.

You can take the photo, and precisely choose the size of the document by dropping out unwanted areas.

Then you can choose between having a document in coloured form, original form, or black and white form.

You can then convert the scanned document into a PDF file and share it in other app, using the sharing feature of Android, which also lets you directly email the document as an attachment or upload it on Dropbox or Google drive.

Install NoteBloc App trim Play Store

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