Add Wireless Charging Feature to Any Mobile, Both Android & iPhone

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We love talking about technology from the near future because it will eventually become a reality. Like we have smartphones with HD Screens, High-Quality Cameras, and Powerful Processors, we will soon have Foldable phones.


Perhaps, Wireless charging, which is available only on a few high-end phones, will soon become a norm and available for everyone.

But if you can’t wait, you can still charge your smartphones Wirelessly, even if they do not support the standard induction charging available in the market for few phones.

The answer is the Charging Pad called Energysquare

How does it work?

Wireless Charging-Kickstarter

The Idea is simple, and you have to install a sticker on your phone with a charging pin that fits into the charging slot. You place the phone on the Charging Pad. Two dots on the sticker connect with two dots on the Charing Mat, making a connection to charge the phone.

Wireless Charging-Kickstarter02

Unlike the Induction Charging available in few Smartphones, there is no loss of energy in Energysquare as a direct connection is made to charge the phone. It’s just that the Charging cables have been ditched.

While it’s not technically Wireless charging, it’s still amazing as you don’t have to search for the charger and look for the tiny charging slot on your phone to the plugin, especially at night.

The Energysquare project was listed on Kickstarter in 2016 with a pledged goal of €30,000 which was achieved. It is currently on invite based. But several other companies has their own version of this device listed on Amazon.

You can get something like this on Amazon. And it is also cheaper than Energysquare.

You can buy the wireless charging pad, which has Type C charging. It can be inserted in your smartphone Type C slot and rest of the pad can be pasted at the back.

It would also cover if you put a cover on your mobile phone, which normally everyone does.

Get this product on Amazon.

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