5 Best and Free Clipboard Manager Apps for Windows 10

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On a Typical productive day on our computers, we tend to do a lot of copy-pasting. Be it among social media sites or between different official documents, it would be really cool if we can manage all our copy-paste activities.

Windows computer has this excellent feature called Clipboard, which catches and saves the things we copy for a limited period of time until we copy something else, which will be there on the clipboard.

There are third-party Clipboard Manager apps available that can give us the functionality of keeping a log of all the items we copy on our computers.

In this article, I am going to list out some of the best third-party Clipboard Manager apps for Windows 10.

Clip Angel

Clip angel is literally the first clipboard manager that comes to my mind while writing about this article it is available for Windows OS, when is compatible with windows 10 as well.

Clip Angel literally stores everything that you have ever copied on your computer, it even saves your commands of copying files and folders.

It gives you a list of all the items you have copied along with the icons of the file that you have copied making it easy for you to understand about your activity visually.


ClipCube is another popular Clipboard Manager app that is used by programmers. This text-based clipboard manager can catch all the text you have copied on your computer.

Since it is text-based Clipboard Manager it will also allow you to get rid of all the formatting and HTML tags when you are copying something from one app to another.


ClipMate is quite a powerful clipboard manager for Windows 10, it has got many exciting features.

It helps you keep a log of everything you have copied so that you can go back to find the things you need.


Ditto is another clipboard manager that will log everything you copy on your Windows 10 operating system.

It supports different types of files such as PDF, PPT, Video files etc. It is also visually a nice app to use on Windows 10.

Clipboard Magic

Clipboard Magic is a lightweight clipboard manager for Windows 10 computers, and since it is lightweight it is fast.

Though it might not offer a lot of features it is perfect when you want a simple text-based clipboard manager that will keep a log of everything you copy on your Windows 10.

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