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You, Windows 10 lover, have already configured your friend to your liking, and enjoy pampering it from time to time? you will love this article then.

We save you some time to find the essential software for Windows 10 that you must use in 2020 to know new facets and to make your brand new PC or laptop dedicate a smile of complicity to you.

Maintenance is key, avoiding Dead times

As we are not yet in the IoT era (when our very things will dictate us the best options proactively), it may happen to you that, while in these uncertain 4G days, you still find yourself in the need to look for additional applications for Windows 10.

Because you have after thinking about it and have identified what is missing out in the mind of your PC, which all of a sudden seems to have taken an introspective path, and you must wait, and wait. And you ask yourself: what can I do?

The Basis to get 100% out of your Windows 10 is Ready!

Your beloved operating system Windows 10 arrives this 2020 with a series of characteristics and functionalities to achieve adaptability and greater intuitiveness, a competitive OS package that will manage to immerse you in a deeper computer experience, welcome to the Windows eco-system!

Whether in your daily work or in the relaxing and exciting games of each Sunday, the basis of all this interaction is in a compatible set of Windows 10 applications whose technological synergy rewards our computing needs, update after update.

Must-have Apps for Windows 10 High Performance

The best thing in the world would be living that proactive level that makes your system load those essential programs, thus making you and your Windows 10 become closer friends, avoiding displeasures, this great friendship would receive a great impact in study or work time, and in the game hour.

Your situation is of special importance to us, so we have selected for you some of the essential applications for Windows 10, take note and get them all!

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

So, I know you system lover already know your IP address power, it can tell it all about you, browsing activity, location, online identity.

That’s all cybercriminals need to lay their hands on to follow your footsteps online, the websites you like, the pictures you have, your liking on streaming and media, and literally all you do, from breakfast to bedtime. Feel happy because we got the one that has to be the best VPN for windows 10.

Security Suite

On the very basis, there is your anti-malware. These days demand a highly proactive software equipped for effectively firewalling your dear Win 10, prevention is always an easier weight than cure.

So, a no mercy ‘Anti-virus Software’ is what we need to get armored from the very go. ITL antivirus is your software, simply the best fit as it provides real-time protection from all active infections, with great browsing shields.

Driver Updater Software

When your Win 10’s drives get outdated, then it is when problems appear. It starts to slow down because cannot recognize fastly some component, and then delays until it finds the route to regain control.

To prevent your friend from going through this shame, you need the best free driver updater software for your Windows 10 with its extreme powers it will effortlessly locate and install the latest drivers at thought speed!

Email Client Manager

Mailbird as the best at managing all of your email accounts. What makes it rule its field is its amazing capacities to handle Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, and to the infinite! 

Internet Browser

Of course, you already understand the valuable role of Browsing, it is the ship in which we make our discoveries and build up our stuff.

I know you are thinking of Google, so you know the Google world, nonetheless, a bit of competition is also healthy and we will introduce the Brave and Mozilla Browsers, being fast, secure, and easy to use, they pose a nice competition quote for Google, which will for sure benefit you in the mid-term.

VLC Media Player

VLC is simply a must-have app for spoiling your Windows 10 which will not have problems in playing your files no matter the format, no need to install any third-party codecs no more to say.

Social and Communication Apps

Another necessity of our present techy life not only used for spare time, but also for work. So make sure you have your socials connectivity well installed on that dear Windows 10 friend: Skype, Whatsapp, and Instagram.


LibreOffice is the best office friend! One of the essential apps for Windows 10, LibreOffice integrates alternatives to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, easily, once you put your hands in that office you will not get them off in such a while, to your Win 10 smile!

Adobe PDF Reader

This is no surprise to you, as most of the text files we find online are in PDF format. So, if you want to save your Win 10 some serious headaches, install it and enjoy its nice reading modes, and digital signatures.


All the residue is left everywhere as you go processing your tasks on your cute Win 10 System. To get that removed, scan your friend with Ccleaner, one of Piriform’s most spoiled pieces designed for PC lovers like you, registry entries and the temporary files will also be removed!

PC Optimizer Software

This musketeer will keep your Win 10 pal from lagging behind your tasks while boosting to get it optimized, no more to tell: you need it.


Time to see miracles. This deep tech specialist will make your Win 10 a believer. Whenever you need to resurrect a deleted file, Recuva has the word of life, no matter the format, you will see the tomb left behind and receive your file brought to a new life!


Maybe you did not know this one, you got tons of hogged storage space on your fav friend, wind 10.

Maybe you thought you had gotten rid of all that plague that is ruining your storage, but you do need to worry anymore, you can keep downloading your stuff to your disk space.

Because, this Windows 10 has the amazing Storage Sense feature which knows nothing but deleting temporary and old files intelligently and diligently, in auto-mode to auto-generate the most detailed report of all it finds out, plus it is fully customizable, something you never knew actually existed!


This powerful Piriform musketeer manages your chipset like a real doctor inside of it. It tells you it all, from the LEDs, RAM, cache and Hard Drives, even the temperatures of the CPU and GPU since this doctor is specialized in critical aspects and will generate pro text and INI reports to grant you and your Windows pal with proactive health action!

The best of all apps is still the one inside, your mindset, your passion, your own internal drive, continue being our wizcase pal, and you’ll continue getting the best maintenance for the real app!

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