How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone Like a Pro

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Asif Ahmed
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So if you have got an iPhone, stop taking boring screenshots. Instead take screenshots like these.

Let me show you how.

Suppose you have taken a screenshot. Now, instead of sharing it directly, tap on it, tap on the share button. Do you see this option?

This will add an iPhone frame to your screenshots and then again give you pop up and now you can share it anywhere you want.

For example, if I share it in one of my groups on WhatsApp, this is how it is going to look. Then once it is sent, I can delete this screenshot.

Here’s the Video Tutorial

How to enable this ‘Add iPhone Mockup’ feature.

It is actually a shortcut that I have created for myself, you. can download it at the end of this article.

This iPhone shortcut app can be either added to your Home Screen or to the Share Sheet so that it is easily accessible.

How does this shortcut actually work?

It takes the screenshot and then it adds a mask on the screenshot it has taken, makes it rounded rectangle and then it will add it as an overlay on an image which I have saved on my phone.

So it grabs that image which is the background image and then it adds the screenshot on top of it.

On this overlayed image, another image is added which is a PNG file of an iPhone frame with a transparent background.

So it only appears on top of the screenshot and then the final image is ready and then this shortcut will pop up the share option which will let you share the final image anywhere you want.

Download this Shortcut.

Here is the link to download this shortcut. Add it to your Shortcuts app and then, download to image files used in this shortcut. If it’s a bit confusing to you you can follow the tutorial below.

Here is the tutorial.

Once you have downloaded this Shortcut from the link and have added it to your Shortcuts app on your iPhone, you can edit this shortcut by tapping the three dots and you will be able to see what actions I have added into this shortcut.

The first section is,

  • Get the screenshot and then
  • add a mask to it, which makes it rounded rectangle because if I was not adding the mask, the screenshot was visible on the sides even after adding the frame to it.

In the text, you can see the URL of the image, copy and open it in browser to download and save it on your phone.

The next action is, ‘Gets the file from the folder’. My Folder is called Assets, where the BG1.jpg (background image) is saved. This action grabs this image.

It overlays the screenshot on top the the BG1.jpg.

And then you can look for the second text box, which contains the second image, which is a PNG file of an iPhone frame. Copy the URL from the text field, open in browser of your choice and then download it to your iPhone.

Save it in the same folder, make sure the next action ‘Get files from Folder’ has the correct path to find the image.

The Shortcut is Ready. Now, Add to Home Screen or Share Sheet

To Add this Shortcut to your Home screen, you can tap on the arrow on the top after the name and then you can tap on add to home screen from the options and this will be added to your home screen.

If you want to add it to the Share Sheet you can tap on the I button at the bottom which will give you the option.

You just have to toggle that button to make it appear on the Share Sheet.

The next time you take a screenshot and tap on the share button, you will see this shortcut somewhere at the bottom. You can tap on edit actions.

Then you can tap on the plus button to make it appear under favorites. Long press the hamburger icon and drag it to the top.

The next time when you have to add a mockup to a screenshot, when you tap on share button, your ‘Phone Mockup’ will appear on top.

When you tap on it, it will work its magic and will add an iPhone mockup to your screenshot and you will be able to easily share the new screenshot anywhere you want.

Here’s the Download link

Add iPhone Mockup Shortcut

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