Find Out What’s the Difference Between Windows 10 and Windows 10S

There is more similarity than the difference....

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Microsoft recently announced a newer Operating System called Windows 10S before you jump to the conclusion that the Windows 10S is an updated version of Windows 10, we are talking about Microsoft, not Apple. (hint: iPhone 7, iPhone 7S).

The Windows 10S is more of a choice for consumers than an update.

The users have now got options to choose between Windows 10 and Windows 10S.

But the options, especially if they are pretty similar to each other, can create confusion.

So we thought why not clear the confusion by pointing out the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 10S. So here it is.


Windows 10Windows 10S

Slower on cheaper Machines


Targeted at Creators/ Business Professionals, Homemakers (almost everyone)

Can install Software from Third Party Channels (Websites, Flash Drives, DVDs)

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s Latest OS


Not Power Effecient

Use any Browser


Build to run smoothly on Cheaper Machines (starting $189 from DELL, ACER, ASUS, TOSHIBA etc)

Mainly targeted to Students


Can install Software only from Windows Store.


Windows 10S is upgradable to Windows 10 ( $49 for Others and For students it’s Free)

Power Efficient Laptops will have 10 hours + of battery life.

Edge will be Default Browser with Bing as Default Search Engine


So these were a few key points that, I hope, will tell the difference between the two OS.

Windows 10S is more of an upsell, a free product to give the consumers a taste of their services.

It is also dubbed as the Competitor for Chromebooks since Windows 10S will power low efficient laptops starting at $189, these laptops will be manufactured by companies like DELL, ACER, HP, TOSHIBA etc.

There is so much that Windows 10S cannot do, one of them is the limitation of installing apps from the Windows Store (which seriously lacks some basic applications).

Maybe in future Microsoft gives some kind of option to install apps/software from outside the Windows Store or improves the store by introducing basic apps to it.

But till then, Windows 10 is your best bet. Check out the new Surface Laptops that are powered by the new Windows 10S. You can the option to Upgrade to Windows 10, so don’t worry.

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