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PUBG game might be the most popular game in the history of Mobile gaming, everyone is crazy about it, so much that it crossed over 50 million downloads in just a few months.

But, to play PUBG on your mobile, you need a high-end smartphone, which can handle the graphics. But to make the game more accessible, the developers also launch the PUBG mobile Lite, a lighter version which can be run on underpowered smartphones as well.

It is going to be close to a year PUBG Mobile Lite was released, we have written about it here in this article.

Initially, it was launched in selected countries, and over the period one year, it has been gradually made available in more countries.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite on Android in India

Since the game has been made available in India as well, you can directly install it from the Play Store by following the link below.

Install from the Play Store

But, if for some reason you are not able to install the app from the Play Store, you can also download the APK version and sideload it on your mobile phone.

Use the link mentioned below to download the APK file of PUBG Mobile Lite.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite APK

For your convenience, make sure you download the one with the latest date on it.

About the PUBG Mobile Lite Game

PUBG Mobile Lite game has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Playstore alone, which clearly tells how big of a market there is for Mobile games who have got not so powerful phones.

If taken as a case study Mini developers can learn a lesson from this and come up with Lite version of the their own games.

For example, Fortnite, another popular game available for Android smartphones, can bring a Lite version and gain many new users.

Here are a few reviews of the PUBG Mobile Lite

This was what I was expecting from you. Good job Tencent!!! But there are more things to do as it is still not perfect. Firstly, put a graphics setting option, then add a few more maps, like sanhok-lite or miramar-lite, release winner pass as soon as possible,”emotes” and last but the most important…

Game is super but some implements are left, so i am waiting for that implementations, and i faced some issues for the controls and firing issues ,i am trusting them maximum those are fixed these bugs in this game. And try to increase some graphics in game, thanks for pubg lite game for simple graphi.

the game is great after all, but the only problem that i got is i can’t add a friend request through the player search bar, and it takes ton of bullets to knock the enemy, unlike the regular pubg mobile that only took 10 bullet to knock the enemy, please fix this, one more, it seems like all my item

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