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Did you know that a significant part of our content consumption on the internet is videos?

Be it the long-form video on YouTube, the Automatically playing videos in your Facebook Newsfeed, or the One minute squared videos you watch on Instagram.

Videos are everywhere, so much that it is easy to miss that particular video that you like the most. An easier option is downloading and keeping it safe on your smartphone or sharing it with your friends via WhatsApp or any other medium.

There are many different ways you can download videos from services like Facebook, YouTube on Instagram. There are dedicated websites that will let you do that.

What if you want to download them on your mobile phone because you use your mobile phone to watch these videos in the first place.

So here is a more comfortable and perhaps the best way to download videos from different social media sites to your smartphone.

The app I’m talking about is called Snaptube. And since it violates the policy of Google (which does not allow downloading content from YouTube), it is not available in the Google Play Store.

But you can still get the APK file and sideload it on your smartphone. It is easy to sideload an APK, and you can check out the article if you don’t know how to do it.

The APK file for Snaptube can be downloaded from anywhere just by doing a Google search. But I recommend you download from, a trusted website that keeps a database of APK files for thousands of apps.

Download Snaptube APK from APKMirror

How to Download videos using Snaptube.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Snaptube app on your smartphone, start browsing any social media apps from where you want to download the video.

You will have to copy the video links, and action for copying the URL of the video is different on these websites.

For copying the video URL of YouTube, tap on the share button and select the copy URL option.

For copying the video URL of Facebook, tap on the three dots on the right-hand side of the post, and then select the copy link option appearing at the bottom. You can download Facebook videos using this.

For copying the video URL of Instagram, tap on the three dots in select the copy link option.

Once you have copied the video link, you will notice a download button on the bottom right-hand side.

It won’t appear on some smartphones, so you can open Snaptube manually and paste the copied URL into the input field on the top.

You will get the options to download the video in quality and format, select the desired quality and format, and start downloading the video by clicking the download button. And save the video on your mobile.

Snaptube has a dedicated download folder with the download history of all the videos files for offline viewing. This folder has got all the download links of the videos to download them again if you have accidentally deleted the downloaded video from your mobile.

So, this is how you download videos from your favourite social media sites. The Snaptube app supports these three sites and has support for all other services where there is support for media files.

You can also use the Snaptube app to download live stream videos from Facebook since they are like other videos on Facebook. So, this is how you save Facebook videos. You can check out this article to know more about how you can do it.

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