How to login to Facebook using your mobile number

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Majority of the web portals are following the age-old system of sign up using an email address.

And the fact that it is easier to hack an email address, web companies started searching for alternatives that could provide users with a secure account.

And since a mobile phone number is uniquely available to individuals, it makes more sense to use mobile phone numbers to create accounts.

Fortunately, big companies like Facebook allow users to create an account on their photos using their mobile phone numbers.

Even if you have got an existing Facebook account using an email address you can still link your mobile number so that you can log in using your mobile number.

Login with your phone number would still require you to input password. The mobile number will replace the email address not the password. 

How to link your mobile number with the Facebook account from Desktop

If you are opening the Facebook on the desktop, go to the Settings area of Facebook, and then click on Mobile from the left panel.

There you will be able to add your mobile number and verify it by typing the confirmation code that is sent on your mobile number.

Once your mobile number is verified with Facebook you will be able to login to your Facebook account using your mobile number.

To do that, you need to type in your mobile number instead of your email account and your usual password.

How to link your mobile number with the Facebook account from Mobile

If you do not have access to desktop and you want to link your mobile number with your Facebook account on mobile, here is what you need to do.

Is the native app of Facebook does not have an option of linking a mobile number to the account, you need to open the Facebook website on your mobile browser.

I would recommend you use Google Chrome, and once you have opened the website, request a ‘desktop website’, that will open the full version of Facebook on your mobile.

Then you can follow the same steps mentioned in the desktop section of this post.

Once you have linked and verify your mobile number, you will be able to use your mobile number to login to Facebook.

Why mobile phone numbers provide more security than email addresses?

Mobile phone numbers can indeed offer a higher level of security compared to email addresses for various reasons. While both communication methods have their own vulnerabilities, mobile phone numbers have certain features that make them more secure in many contexts:

  1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Mobile phone numbers are commonly used for two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security to online accounts. When you log into a service or platform, you receive a verification code via SMS or a phone call, which you must enter along with your password. This makes it much harder for unauthorized individuals to gain access to your accounts, as they would need physical possession of your phone to receive the verification code.
  2. Physical Possession: Unlike email addresses, which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, mobile phones require physical possession. If someone wants to access your SMS messages or verify a 2FA code, they need to have your actual phone. This physical barrier reduces the chances of remote hacking or unauthorized access.
  3. SIM Card Security: Mobile phone numbers are tied to SIM cards, which are small chips inserted into your phone. While it’s not impossible to clone or spoof a SIM card, it is generally more difficult and sophisticated than typical email-based attacks. SIM card cloning requires physical access to the SIM card and the knowledge of specific techniques, making it a less common form of attack.
  4. Carrier Verification: When you set up a new mobile phone number or make changes to your account, mobile carriers often require verification through your SIM card or other methods. This adds an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized changes to your number. In contrast, email addresses are relatively easier to create and manipulate, which can facilitate phishing attacks.
  5. Phone Recovery Services: Many mobile operating systems offer device recovery services that can help you locate, lock, or wipe your device remotely in case it’s lost or stolen. This adds an extra level of protection to your data and accounts associated with that device.
  6. Less Targeted by Spammers: While both phone numbers and email addresses can be targeted by spammers, mobile phone numbers tend to be less accessible to spammers due to the costs and infrastructure required to send SMS messages or make calls at scale.

How to change linked mobile number on Facebook?

Here is the process of changing your mobile number on your Facebook. Keep in mind you will require access to the mobile number which is currently linked to the Facebook as you will have to authenticate it using a temporary pin which will be sent on the phone number. 

  1. Log In: Go to the Facebook website or open the Facebook app and log in to your account if you’re not already logged in.
  2. Open Settings: On the Facebook website, click on the downward-facing arrow in the top-right corner of the page, then click on “Settings & Privacy” and select “Settings.” On the Facebook app, tap the three horizontal lines (menu) in the bottom-right corner, scroll down, and tap on “Settings & Privacy,” then tap on “Settings.”
  3. Security and Login: In the settings, look for “Security and Login.” Click or tap on it to access your security settings.
  4. Edit Phone Number: Look for the “Login” section, and you’ll see your current linked mobile number. Click or tap on the “Edit” button next to your phone number.
  5. Change Number: You’ll be prompted to enter your password for security purposes. Once you’ve entered your password, you can now add a new phone number by clicking or tapping “Add another mobile phone number.” Follow the prompts to enter the new number and verify it through a code sent to that number.
  6. Remove Old Number: After adding the new number and verifying it, you’ll likely have the option to choose which number you want as your primary contact method. Once you’ve set the new number as your primary, you can choose to remove the old linked number if desired.
  7. Save Changes: Make sure to save your changes, and your new linked mobile number will be updated on your Facebook account.

There is a list of app and services other than Facebook that allow users to use phone numbers instead of email address

  1. Twitter: Twitter allows users to link their mobile phone numbers for login and account recovery purposes. Users can receive verification codes via SMS to log in securely.
  2. WhatsApp: WhatsApp, a popular messaging app, uses phone numbers as the primary method of identification. When setting up WhatsApp, users verify their phone numbers through a verification code sent via SMS or phone call.
  3. Signal: Signal, a privacy-focused messaging app, also uses phone numbers for registration and verification. Users receive a confirmation code via SMS to link their numbers to their Signal accounts.
  4. Instagram: Instagram, a photo and video sharing platform owned by Facebook, allows users to log in using their mobile phone numbers for an additional layer of security.
  5. LinkedIn: LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, offers phone number-based authentication as an alternative to email-based logins.
  6. Snapchat: Snapchat, a multimedia messaging app, allows users to link their phone numbers for account security and recovery purposes.
  7. Telegram: Telegram, a messaging app known for its security features, offers phone number-based logins. Users receive a verification code via SMS during the account setup process.
  8. Google: While Google primarily uses email addresses for account identification, it also offers the option to link a phone number to enhance account security and recovery.
  9. Microsoft Account (Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, etc.): Microsoft allows users to add and verify a mobile phone number to their Microsoft accounts for authentication and account recovery.
  10. Apple ID: Apple provides the option to use a phone number as a trusted device for two-factor authentication and account recovery for Apple ID, which is used across various Apple services.
  11. Amazon: Amazon allows users to add a mobile phone number to their accounts for two-step verification and account recovery.
  12. PayPal: PayPal, a popular online payment platform, offers the option to link a mobile phone number for two-factor authentication and account security.
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