How to Find Out if a Banking App is not Fake

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Smartphones apps have made it easy to do things on our smartphone effeciently.

There is an app for almost everything, but when it comes to Apps where’s the money is involved, you should be more cautious about what type of apps you are installing, and whether the app is authentic or not.

If you talk about the Play Store, you will find a number of apps claiming to the official banking apps while they are not.

Some offer you the functionality of checking out to see balance in your Bank, but there are other apps that can be very dangerous.

Then there are apps that can inject Malware into your smartphones that can leak your data.

So, you should follow these steps in order to check whether the app that you have installed is the official banking app or it’s a fake one.

How to find out if the banking app is not fake.

Check out the developer’s name

The first thing you should check about an app, even if it is not a banking app, is the developer’s name. Most probably, it is the parent company’s name, such as, all the apps, like the Facebook Messenger, Facebook are from the same developer name.

Check out other apps by the same developer.

It is also an important step that can let you know about what type of other apps are created by the developers, if it contains any suspicious app, then surely this is not the app your looking for.

Check out the ratings and review

Yes of course, the Ratings and the Reviews can be bought

But, out of all those ratings and reviews, you will find a few reviews that will give you an idea about what the app actually does and whether it is worth installing it.

Click on the app links from the official websites of the bank.

Another thing to make sure that you are installing the authentic banking app, is by clicking only on the link if it is mentioned on the official website of the banks.

All the bank websites will have a link for their official mobile apps.

So, this is how you can find out if the app that you are going to install on your mobile phone is authentic or not.

Please take this very seriously, else, you may lose your money, mostly these online scams are not much entertained by these Bank themselves because it requires a lot of effort from the victim’s side.

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