Mozilla is Ready to Take on Google Chrome with Firefox Quantum, Its 2x Faster and Takes 30% Less RAM

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Firefox, which is known as the best browser for techies and enthusiasts is ready to take on Google Chrome with a totally revamped browser. They are calling it Firefox Quantum.

Firefox was my default browser for a very long time, even after Google Chrome was launched.

But eventually, I moved to Google Chrome because of it’s faster speed, ability to continue working on the Mobile device and of course the extensions.

I am sure this is the story many will relate to. And it seems that Firefox was kind of okay to be behind Google Chrome for initial days since they really didn’t push themselves too hard.

But from last few years, Mozilla has been working hard by introducing so many cool features to the browser and revamping the look and feel of it.

And with this new update, Firefox is hopefully ready to gain back its place, at least this is what the Firefox fans think about.

A lot of work has been done to make it faster, consume fewer resources on your Computer and also look good and refreshing.

A new CSS engine has been written from the ground up adding capabilities to leverage the new technologies that are coming in the Computers.

Mozilla claims that it is 2x faster than it was last year and consumes 30% less memory than Google Chrome. (this part is really exciting since everyone is sick and tired of Google Chrome eating up a lot of resources on the Computers)

With Firefox Quantum, Firefox is at version 57 and is about to be released soon.

The beta version of Firefox is currently available to try. In fact, Firefox has already done a speed test coming it with Google Chrome, you can see below.

Let me remind you it’s the Beta version they have compared, and it will be pretty exciting to see how it is compared once it is released, which seems to be pretty soon.

You will be able to download Firefox Quantum from this page.


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