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Stack – Time to Fall in Love with Your Computer Again!

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Asif Ahmed
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We’re sure that your Web browser is one of the most critical applications on your computer. However, are you truly happy with the way your Web browser is serving you? Does it allow your productivity to thrive, or perhaps it hinders it? 

Allow us to introduce you to an all-new and next-generation Web browser – called Stack! It’s designed to help you do things online that you thought would be impossible, giving you an entirely new way to use your favourite Web apps. Sounds intriguing, right? Well, let us show you what Stack can do.

How Can Stack Improve Your Online Experience?

The main idea behind Stack is to let you multitask like a pro! It opens each new Web page (or a Web app) in an individual tab, giving you an easy overview of what’s open at any given moment. 

Then, you can create multiple workspaces, which can be groups of your favourite Web apps. That’s how you can easily switch from social media, productivity tools, messenger apps – and plenty more (pretty much anything you can imagine).

And on top of that, Stack lets you use multiple accounts of a single Web app. As each tab is fully independent, you can open the same Web app across multiple tabs, simultaneously signing in to various accounts. And yes, this can be done even in Web apps that don’t support this functionality natively. 

For example, let’s take Discord. All it takes is to download Stack (available for macOS, free of charge), open the application, and launch Discord’s website. However, you can then open another tab, sitting next to the existing tab (still visible on your screen). Log-in to another account – and that’s how easy it is to use multiple Discord accounts at the same time (for more info, make sure to click on the provided link).

What Apps Can I Open in Stack?

With Stack, there’s absolutely no limit to what Web apps you can open. To give you some suggestions, we’ll mention that you can open (and log-in to multiple accounts simultaneously) Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Asana, Slack, Trello, and plenty more.

As we like to say, Stack isn’t just another Web browser. Instead, it is an all-new operating system for the Internet – and it’s available free of charge! So, if you’re willing to give it a go, feel free to download Stack from We’re sure you’re going to love it!


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