How to Fix iPhone Getting Disconnected while Restoring the iTunes Backup

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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Challenge is something you always on a daily basis, and my most recent challenge is to restore the backup of my iPhone 7 to iPhone X.

I have always hated iPhone because of the way how they work, an iTunes is the centre software that you need if you want to do anything with your iDevices. (or maybe not, thanks to cloud services)

So when my friend purchased the iPhone X, he wanted all his data from is iPhone 7 to iPhone X, so he turned to me.

I download iTunes on my Windows PC, plugged in his iPhone 7, took backup of it, and the problem started when I tried it is storing it to the iPhone X.

I am facing a weird problem where iPhone get disconnected during restore. This is a message have been receiving.

Apparently, I have tried everything that was available as a documentation on the internet, but sadly nothing seems to have worked in my case.

It said things such as booting up my computer in safe mode and then trying to launch iTunes, which didn’t happen.

I also tried renaming the backup folder in iTunes, and the iPhone X was still not ready to accept the backup, it tried all other methods but it didn’t work

Where did the problem lie?

The problem was, iPhone X was already set up, the data from the iCloud was restored, which prevented the restore from iTunes.

So I had to reset iPhone X, erase all the data on iPhone and then start the process all over again.

It gives the option to restore from iTunes or iCloud, and then when I started restoring from the iTunes backup it was successfully done.

So, if you too are facing this problem, I would suggest you Reset and Erase all the data on your iPhone, and then try restoring the backup from your older iPhone.

You can also take a backup of your new iPhone before erasing all the data if you think it is crucial.

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