Free Up Space on Your Mobile Phone using Google’s File Go App

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Google has made available an (unreleased, at the time of writing) app called Files Go which helps Android users clean up their devices to free up some space. The app was previously.

It was available in Google Play store earlier last week but was pulled back by Google, and now this it has been made available again, though Google specifies that it is an unreleased version or a beta version.

The reason for making the app available might be the leaked APK file that was available on various websites already.

What does the app do exactly?

Well, most of the smartphones these days come with an unbuilt Smart Manager or Space Manager that lets you manage space on your Smartphone.

But of the time, these smart managers aren’t really that smart. I can say that because I let one such smart manager clean up space automatically and it ended up removing some important files that It shouldn’t have deleted.

Google’s File Go is somewhat the same, letting you manage space on your Smartphone smartly.

Even though Google calls it a beta app, I went ahead and tried the app just for this post, and in my short period of using the app, I did not find the uniqueness about the app.

It’s just like any other app, in fact, I am using the ES Explorer, which also has the similar feature for managing the media files smartly along with its core feature of being an amazing File Explorer.

Like most of the smart managers, Files Go app also arranges the Files according to their size, Duplicate files, Files from WhatsApp folder, Junk Media and Temporary files etc along with a direct button to Free up the space it is taking.

In the settings area, the options you find also are pretty common which almost every smartphone has inbuilt.

Apart from the storage management, it also lets you access files according to the file type, like Images, Videos, Audio, Documents, Downloads & Received Files.

And the app also lets you send and receive files to or from other devices respectively. Trying to receive a file turned on the Bluetooth which is also visible in the image above. So, the file transfer is done via Bluetooth.

Currently, I am using EF Explorer for Space Management and Accessing Files, it is probably the best app for this purpose. And I’ve also been using ShareIt from time to time for Sending or Receiving Larger files (though I still prefer Dual Flash Drives).

So I think Files Go app isn’t really that great, but again, it’s unreleased and maybe in future, we will see something nice so that it can deserve to be installed in our phones, but for now, it’s really is not of much help.

I may be wrong, and you may try it yourself, here is the link.

➤ Install from Play Store

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