How to Add Background Music to Instagram Stories Without Downloading any Music

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Asif Ahmed
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Yes, you read it right. You can directly add background music to your Instagram Stories that too without downloading any song.

Now, I’ve been using the Instagram Stories from last few weeks and I am kind of glued to it. I have been using it a lot, and I’ve learned some things that I would like to share with everyone so that everyone can make better stories.

While we are here, I’ve shared some cool Instagram Tips & Tricks to grow your Instagram profile, You can read that one as well. 

So, continuing with this post….

The videos in Instagram stories have a limit of 15 seconds, and only the videos that are shot in last 24 hours will be shown if you want to upload them.

Or, you can shoot the videos directly, which a lot of us do who want to share the moments they are living right at that particular time.

Now, a lot of might be aware that you can very well edit videos and add background music to it in a video editing app.

But you can also add the background music when you are recording directly from Instagram stories.

How does it work?

Well, when you record the video directly from the Instagram Stories, it also lets you record the audio coming from the Smartphone itself, it can be notification sound or the music played.

So, what you can do is, play the song in the background and it will be added to the stories.

Using Soundcloud for Any Background Music

Now, not all the songs you want to use will be in your Playlist, and for that, you might think you have to download the music.

This is where the SoundCloud app comes in. It is like YouTube, but for Audio, where users can upload their own music, favourite songs etc. So, when you search for a song, there is 99% possibility that it will be on SoundCloud.

And the best thing is, Soundcloud plays the music in the background just like your music player.

So, what you can do is, search for the song you want to use in your Instagram Story, and then, Time it, in a way that you get the part of the song you want in the Stories and record it.

Not the greatest tip but it sure saves a bit of your time and still lets you post stories with any type of music you want, without even downloading it.

Here is the video where I explain it

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