5 Best Free WiFi Apps for Android

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This article is for you if you’re looking for the best free wifi apps for Android. We’ve rounded up the five best options on the Google Play Store. Whether you’re looking for an app to help you find free wifi hotspots or one that lets you manage your wireless network, there’s an option here.

1. WifiMap

Connect to any wifi for FREE! Wifi Map has the largest wifi distributed computing community in the world. The largest wifi hotspot database in the world, wifi Map, has more than 150 million hotspots available worldwide, and the number is growing daily thanks to the community’s efforts.

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2. Free Zone

Browse the Internet freely and change your virtual address to the location of your choice. Do you require exceptional virtual Internet wifi that can hide your address with a rootkit hotspot attending school or work to run smoothly? Well, Freezone can help you!

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3. Wifi Man

WiFiMAN is here to save you from futile buffering, slow Internet connection, and congested data channels. With this no-cost (and ad-free) service, you can Detect nearby wifi networks on your device and get details on each one, such as Bonjour, SNMP, NetBIOS, and Ubiquiti discovery protocols.

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4. Wifi Passwords: Instabridge

Regardless of where you are, you know exactly what to do when you have the data backup you need. You know that you need to do what you’re doing!

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5. Fing

“It’s the mother Fing best app I’ve ever used” one guy reviewed the app and gave it a 5 star.

Fing has helped 40 million users worldwide understand: 

• Who’s on my wifi • 

Is someone stealing my wifi and broadband? 

• Have I been hacked? Is my network secure? 

• Are there hidden cameras in the B&B I’m staying in? 

• Why has Netflix streaming started buffering?

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In conclusion, the five best free wifi apps for Android we mentioned above are perfect for your needs. Each app has unique features that can help you find free wifi hotspots near you. So if you need a quick internet connection, be sure to check out one of these apps!


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