5 Security Apps that take pictures of anyone who is trying to unlock your Phone

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Privacy is something that is a big concern these days. With the increase in the use of smartphones in everyday life, almost every one of us has so many things loaded on our mobile phones that it is their most important belonging that we keep with ourselves all the time.

This is why mobile companies have been offering different layers of security. It started with a simple pattern lock, and then we got fingerprint sensors on mobile phones, and now we have the Face-unlock, eye scan, and even retina scan.

But, you will still find people trying to get into your smartphones, be it the not a kid at home or some relative or even friends.

If you are looking for an app for your iPhone, check out this article. I created an iPhone shortcut for myself that takes photo of a person when they try to access an app on your iPhone

Even if you have a relatively strong security layer, knowing who these people are trying to get into your smartphones would be interesting.

Fortunately, every smartphone has a front camera, and you can install apps that will click photos of people who will try to unlock your phone but fail.

So that you can keep your phone secure when these people are around.

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This app is straightforward to use. You have to install and enable it and type in your email so that the app can email you the photo of the person who tries to break into your smartphone.

Install the app from the Play Store and follow the instructions to set it up after installing it.

Make sure you use the most updated email address or the one you use regularly.

In the app, you can set unlock attempts and suggest two or three, or maybe four, before the app takes a picture of the person.

Because if you, like me, you might fail to unlock your smartphone every once in a while, where you will require at least two trials to unlock the phone.

Install from Play Store

Intruder Selfie

Intruder selfie is another exciting app you can install from the Play Store.

This one also works like the Lockwatch. Install, set up, and you are done. Next time someone tries to unlock your phone and fails, you will surely know who that was.

Install from Play Store

Crook Catcher

App developers are creative when it comes to naming their apps. This one is called Crookcatcher.

So the app assumes that the person who tried to get into a smartphone is a crook. Let’s only criticize it a little because the functionality is what we require.

And it indeed gets the job done.

Install from Play Store

Hidden Intruder Selfie

There is another app which is called hidden Intruder selfie. The app is pretty new, is also lightweight, and has over 10,000 installs at the time of writing.

Most of the reviews of this app are good, which means this is working for a lot of people.

Setting it up is the same. Install it from the Play Store, then follow the instructions.

Install from Play Store

The apps I mentioned in this list will require device administrator access so that they can know when there is a failed attempt to unlock your smartphone so that they can Trigger and take a selfie.

The app must be running in the background. If you have a saver mode on your mobile or any feature that kills background apps to save battery, these apps might sometimes not work.

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