10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2023

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These days pretty much everyone uses social media to consume content. And since all the social accounts have made it easy to post content, many of us have this urge to post photos online.

We live on the Internet, especially in this current situation where everybody is locked down in their homes, and the Internet is the only way to interact with the outer world.

Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best photo editing apps both for android and iPhone so you can pick one for yourself and Spice up your photos.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a powerful photo editing app for Android devices that offers a wide range of features to enhance, edit, and share your photos. The app is designed to be easy to use while still providing advanced editing tools that professionals and enthusiasts alike can appreciate.

Key features of Adobe Photoshop Express-

1. Basic Editing Tools: The app offers essential editing tools, such as crop, rotate, straighten, and flip, allowing you to quickly adjust the composition of your images. Additionally, you can remove red-eye, pet-eye, and blemishes.

2. Filters and Effects: Adobe Photoshop Express contains a variety of filters and effects that can be applied with a single tap. You can choose from a collection of more than 60 attractive looks, which include black and white, portrait, nature, and duo tones.

3. Auto-Fix: Improve the quality of your photos with the Auto-Fix feature, which automatically analyzes and adjusts the exposure, contrast, and white balance of your images.

4. Corrections: The app’s correction tools include adjusting the shadows, highlights, exposure, contrast, whites, blacks, temperature, and tint. You can also apply a vignette effect, adjust clarity, and reduce noise in your images.

5. Text and Borders: Add text to your photos using a range of fonts, sizes, and colors. You can also apply creative border designs and styles to your images.

6. Collage Maker: Create beautiful photo collages using ready-to-use layouts, backgrounds, and spacing options.

7. Image Resize: Easily resize your images according to your desired dimensions or save your photos with optimized dimensions for online sharing.

8. Sync with Adobe Creative Cloud: Adobe Photoshop Express can be synced with Adobe Creative Cloud, so you can access and edit your images on multiple devices.

Whether you need to make a few quick adjustments or embark on a more extensive editing project, the app has you covered. , including basic editing tools, filters, effects, and more. With a user-friendly interface and a variety of customization options, this app is perfect for both amateur and professional photographers looking to enhance their images.

Install from Play Store.

2. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is a comprehensive photo editing app that allows users to edit, adjust, and enhance their photos with ease . It is designed for both professional photographers and casual users who want to improve their images and create beautiful visuals.

Key features of PhotoDirector 

1. Powerful Adjustment Tools: PhotoDirector offers a wide range of tools to adjust and enhance your images, including cropping, resizing, rotating, straightening, and perspective correction. It also comes with a wide selection of filters and effects to give your photos a unique and artistic look.

2. AI-Powered Tools: Advanced artificial intelligence features such as AI facial recognition, AI sky replacement, and AI style transfer help you create stunning images quickly and efficiently. The AI algorithms can easily detect and separate objects in your photos, allowing you to edit them independently.

3. Advanced Layer Editing: The app is equipped with a layer-based editing system that allows users to create complex and creative photo compositions. You can edit individual layers or groups of layers, apply effects to specific layers, and blend layers together for a variety of results.

4. Removal Tools: PhotoDirector includes tools to help you remove unwanted objects from your photos, such as blemishes, spots, or distracting background elements. The app also includes a dedicated tool for removing red-eye in portraits.

5. Glitch Effects: Add a unique touch to your images with glitch effects, such as VHS noise, pixelation, distortion, and color shift. These effects can be easily applied to your photos and adjusted to suit your preferences.

6. Graphic Elements: PhotoDirector provides a library of graphic elements to enhance your images, including shapes, text, stickers, and frames. You can customize these elements by changing their size, color, opacity, and more.

7. Photo Merge: Combine multiple images into a single composition using the Photo Merge feature. It is perfect for creating panoramas, collages, or HDR images.

8. Exporting Formats: PhotoDirector supports a wide range of file formats for exporting your finished images, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and RAW. You can also share your edited photos directly to social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, from within the app.

PhotoDirector is an all-in-one photo editing app that provides users with professional-grade tools and features to create stunning images quickly and easily. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual user looking to enhance your photos, PhotoDirector offers everything you need to make your images stand out.

Install from Play Store.

3. PicsArt

My second recommendation will be the PicsArt app it is also available for both iPhone and Android.

PicsArt is a popular photo editing app that lets you unleash your creativity with a range of powerful tools and features .

With over 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store, PicsArt is one of the leading photo editing apps available for Android and iOS devices. PicsArt offers a variety of tools and features, including advanced photo editing tools, filters, text overlays, stickers, and more. You can also create collages, add frames, and use a range of brushes and drawing tools to enhance your images.

The app also has a community section where you can browse, explore, and share your creations with other users. PicsArt also offers a subscription service called PicsArt Gold, which gives you access to premium features, exclusive content, and removes ads from the app. With the PicsArt Gold subscription, you can enjoy access to an extensive library of stickers, frames, and filters, as well as new and exclusive content added monthly.

Overall, PicsArt is a fun and versatile app that caters to both amateur and professional photographers. Whether you want to edit your photos or create unique and eye-catching designs, PicsArt provides a comprehensive set of tools to help you achieve your goals.

From adding stickers and text to creating collages and editing videos, this app offers something for everyone. With its social media platform, you can share your creations with a community of over 150 million users.

Install from Play Store.

4. Fotor

Fotor is an all-in-one photo editing app that offers a wide range of features, including basic editing tools, effects, frames, and more . With Fotor, users can easily adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation levels, crop and resize images, add text, and make other basic edits.

The app also includes a variety of preset effects and filters to add creative touches to your photos, as well as a selection of frames, borders, and stickers. More advanced features include touch-up tools, such as blemish and wrinkle reduction, and the ability to create collages and design graphics.

Fotor is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be used for free with the option to purchase additional features through in-app purchases. . It also includes a powerful collage maker and the ability to create graphic designs for social media. Whether you’re looking to touch up your selfies or create stunning visuals for your brand, Fotor has you covered.

Install from Play Store.

5. Pixlr

Pixlr is a free photo editing app that offers a range of tools and features for editing and enhancing your photos.

From basic editing tools like crop and rotate to advanced features like curves and selective adjustments, this app has everything you need to create stunning images. It also offers a range of filters and overlays to help you add some extra flair to your photos.

Install from Play Store.

6. Snapseed

Snapseed is a popular photo editing app developed by Google that offers a range of powerful tools and features for enhancing your photos. With its user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization options, this app is perfect for both novice and advanced users. Some of its key features include selective adjustments, brush tool, and a variety of filters and presets.

Install from Play Store

7. AirBrush

AirBrush is a user-friendly photo editing app that provides various tools and filters to enhance your photos. It has a range of features such as blemish and pimple remover, teeth whitening, and skin smoothing to create a perfect look. Additionally, it provides makeup tools and hair color changer to try different looks.

Install from Play Store

8. InShot

InShot is a video and photo editing app that provides various editing tools to enhance your videos and photos. With InShot, you can easily trim, merge, and cut your videos, as well as add music, filters, and text overlays to your footage.

It also offers tools for adjusting video and photo brightness, saturation, and contrast, and allows you to add borders and blur effects to your photos. One of the standout features of InShot is its comprehensive range of social media export options.

The app offers export options for a variety of social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, and each export option is optimized for the specifications of the platform to ensure the best playback quality. Overall, InShot is an excellent option for those who want a convenient and user-friendly editing app for their videos or photos.

Whether you’re a social media influencer, content creator, or just looking to enhance your personal content, InShot provides all the necessary editing tools to take your content to the next level.

Install from Play Store

9. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is a comprehensive photo editing app that provides various tools and filters to enhance your photos. It allows you to crop, resize, and rotate photos, and apply filters and effects. Additionally, it provides a range of features such as text and stickers to add a personalized touch to your photos.

Install from Play Store

10. LightX

LightX is a powerful photo editing app that provides various editing tools and filters to enhance your photos. It allows you to edit photos with precision, and provides a range of features such as selective adjustments and healing brush tools. Additionally, it provides a range of templates and designs to create collages and social media posts.

Install from Play Store

Bonus: Canva

I love the canvas app because it is the best Graphic design app available on mobile and makes your job easy to create content crafted for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites.

You can either pick from already hand-picked and beautifully crafted templates and make minor edits to use them before posting on social media, or we can start from scratch.

Just pick the size of the Canvas you want to use and then start creating your graphic. The typography available on canvas is on. And hands down, the best one that I’ve ever used on a mobile phone.

And since I am a Canva user on my computer as well I have got a lot of templates that are easily accessible on mobile phones to the Canva app.

Install from Play Store

All the apps mentioned in this article are available in the Play Store.

Mobile Photography has come a long way

We have smartphones with excellent cameras and social media apps offering filters to TV cover photos so that they can look good; suitable, you can take an extra step by using a photo editing app on your mobile phone to give that extra wow factor to your photos.

While it’s true that the quality of smartphone photos has significantly improved over the years, there are still noticeable differences compared to DSLR photos, especially when it comes to technical aspects such as image quality, depth of field, and low-light performance. DSLR cameras offer larger sensors, interchangeable lenses, and more manual controls, which allows for better image quality and greater creative flexibility.

For casual photographers, smartphone cameras might indeed be sufficient, and the convenience of having a lightweight device that can also edit photos instantly adds to their appeal. However, for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts, DSLRs and other high-quality cameras still offer a level of performance and control that smartphones cannot match. In conclusion, while smartphone photos can be of excellent quality and sufficient for most casual purposes, DSLR cameras still provide noticeable advantages for those who want to capture the best quality images and have full control over their photography.

Just a few years ago, people had to have a computer to post professional quality photos on their social media. But mobile apps have made it super convenient and have to speed up creating content worth consuming.

You will find plenty of other photo editing and graphic creating apps on both platforms (iOS and AndroidAndroid). Still, these are the ones that I have on my phone after testing a bunch of them, which was pretty time consuming since I had to use them for a significant amount of time so that you do not have to.

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