Top 5 Best and Free WinRAR Alternatives for Windows 10

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There are many benefits of compressing a file or file unzipping them to share it with others on a pen drive or emailing in an attachment or simply uploading to cloud for others to download.

It compresses the data of the files to some extent and increases the efficiency of sending it over the internet

These are few of the common reasons why people compress and zip files before sending it and this is the reason you will also find yourself in situations when you have downloaded compressed files.

Even though WinRAR would in most of the cases,  it is still good to know about you free alternatives so that you can try some other available apps as well.


7zip is one of the most popular free alternative available for Windows PC. 7-Zip is an open source file compression app which has almost the similar features of WinRAR.

Download 7-Zip


This one is another compression tool with easy to understand user interface. It supports a wide variety of formats such as RAR, Zip, 7-zip, TAR, Gzip etc.

While installation, make sure you uncheck the box which asks to ‘add ask toolbar’ to the browser since it is a kind of adware that comes optional with this app.

Download jZip


This one is another WinRAR alternative that is absolutely free to use.

Apart from a compressing and decompressing the files it also lets users create encrypted zip files.

The user interface of PeaZip is quite simple and easy which makes it one of the best free WinRAR alternative available for Windows PC.

Download PeaZip

Zip Archiver

The ZipArchiver is one of the fastest compression tools available for Windows PC it actually uses new compression technologies to compress files faster.

It has a wide variety of formats to support ranging from 7z, Zip, RAR, TAR, Xz etc.

Download ZipArchiver


The power Academy is also a wonderful free alternative to WinRAR. It supports almost all the compression formats and you can add a password to your files as well.

The user interface also is quite easy and clean. And gives you a preview of files on the right pane.

Download PowerArchiver

So these were some of the best free WinRAR alternative for Windows PC, I hope you find them useful.

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