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Instagram nearly came into our lives a decade ago. It slowly entered into our social media journey and made our memories colorful. It changed our viewpoints on how we see the world.

It mainly stands out for its unique and advanced features. In today’s life, you can see how people started using it for various reasons. You can use Instagram for its exciting filters or make use of paid ad campaigns.

The reason can be anything you like. It has paved the way even for ordinary people to become stars. 

It provides various features a user can utilize to improvise their account. Some of the top Instagram features include the following:

  • Instagram reels
  • Instagram stories
  • Disappearing DMs
  • Boomerangs
  • Pin comments
  • Instagram shopping

You can also buy Instagram reels views to increase your account reach globally. Apart from the features mentioned above, Instagram still has a lot more. 

Evolution of Instagram

Before going into the evolution of Instagram, let us begin with What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform launched in 2010.

The main idea behind it was to feature photographs. Do you know that the term Instagram is the combination of two words? Yes, the words instant and telegram combined to form the term Instagram.

This app was launched for ios in 2010 and reached more than 25000 users just in one day. Later it was released for android and reached all over the world.

With the popularity rise, the updates from Instagram also evolved. These updates resulted in more increase in its user count. 

Best Features of Instagram

The primary interface of this app is that it allows its users to upload media.

The media can be both photos and videos. Users need to create an account for free to utilize these facilities. Users can enhance their media using the following options.

  • Edit
  • Add filters
  • Tag other users
  • Add location
  • Provide suitable hashtags
  • Update creative captions

Instagram provides a lot more features that attract users of all ages. Here are the two best features that are the most used on Instagram. 

Instagram Stories

Instagram initially added this feature in 2016. The addition of this feature is one of the reasons for its popularity rise in 2019.

Stories appear as little circles at the top of your feeds. This option allows you to post content that will be available for up to 24 hours.

It can be mainly used to showcase your lifestyle with photos and videos. 

Instagram Reels

What is the secret to going viral on Instagram right now? The answer is undeniable: Instagram Reels.

These are short videos on a vertical screen that can be up to 60 seconds. Users can 

  • Record and edit videos and photo clips
  • Add music, filters, text, and stickers
  • Use the draw tool and
  • Share them. 

Always remember, if you want to go viral, always create original and quality content. For instance, you can opt for Trollishly to go viral and enhance your page.

Top 5 Gadgets to Uplift Your Instagram Journey

There is no single ingredient available to grow your Instagram. Instead, one must follow many tips and tricks to have an eye-catching feed.

From uploading a picture to making reels, the employment of certain gadgets can change your whole game.

So, whether you are an Instagram influencer or simply looking to enhance your feed, make use of the following.

Quality Camera and Lenses

One of the primary things you must consider to improve your feed is to use a better camera. As we know, Instagram is a place full of photos and videos.

Hence the media that you want to upload needs to be of good quality. There are many good quality cameras available in the market. You can either use those cameras or smartphones.

Nowadays, most users use their smartphones to make good quality content. 


Tripod is a three-legged stand that supports a camera. Tripods can be used for various other purposes than just holding cameras. They can also hold camcorders, serve as light stands, and much more.

Photos or videos that we take with our bare hands mostly blur out. Uninterrupted captures of special moments are always the best. Hence a tripod can be utilized to film your pictures or videos more steadily. 

Ring Light

A ring light is a circular lighting tool that provides balanced lighting on every side.

It is most famous for taking portrait images. However, the usage of ring lights has recently increased because people can also use them to take videos. 

One can secure their mobile phone or camera in the center of the ring light. Then, you must clamp the device and start recording to improve your video quality. Quality videos will attract more users to your page. Hence, you can also opt for Trollishly to build inbound traffic.

Attached Lens

If you are a person who likes photography, then it is worth buying a lens attachment. It allows you to capture anything around you with a greatly expanded form.

There are different attachment lenses, such as standard, wide angle, macro, micro, etc. These lenses are replaceable. So you can choose a variety of lenses to attach to your device.

Wireless Camera Shutter

The shutter works similarly to your TV remote. In simple terms, these devices allow you to capture moments without touching your device.

It can be connected to your device through Bluetooth. It adds a lot more flexibility and stability to your media files. This gadget is very small and easy to use.

You have to connect with your device and start capturing. It is also affordable and can be used by any level of photographer. 

Final Note

The very basic thing people love about Instagram is that it is Visual! It has a straightforward user interface that influenced many users to try it.

Later, users started to like it for its unique features. People recognized it within a short time and started to love it.

Instagram was enjoyed by many mainly for its globality. It is a way to share and connect with people.

It has become a platform people started using to relieve stress and pressure in their daily lives. Hence keep using Instagram and spread positive vibes through it!

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