iPhone not charging? Here is how to fix it

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From everything that has been advancing in our phones, one thing that still needs to be taken care of is the battery.

No matter what phone you have, it will be early last for a day, which makes us charge it every night so that it is ready for the next day.

And my thoughts are with those who face this problem where their iPhones are not charging. It might be a minimal issue, but it leaves your iPhone completely dead.

Looking at how we all are added to our phone, it feels like a mini Heart Attack when we cannot access it.

So here are few solutions you can work on to fix your iPhone not charging issue.

Make sure you have updated iOS

It is one of the first things that you should do because most of the time it is because of some software related bug. Many people have reported their phone is not charging, and it was fixed only when they made an update to the latest I was available for the iPhone.

It is also a history of Apple where their most recent update brings unusual bugs to the iPhones.

Change the charging cable to see if your phone is charging

With constant plugging and unplugging the life of the charging cables tends to get shortened, if you are a careless user, then the chances are high that the charging cable has been damaged.

Try using another charging cable to see if it’s the charging cable that was damaged. You can also try another wall adaptor; if it comes handy, you can borrow it from your friends to see whether it’s the issue with the wall charger or not.

Try cleaning after charging slot on your iPhone (Works in most cases)

We use our smartphones in different conditions, and it is widespread for the charging slots on iPhones, getting a lot of dirt over a period, which prevents the charging cable from completely getting plugged into the iPhone.

So you will have to clean it up yourself, try using a toothpick, a toothbrush, or an earbud to clean it up.

You can wet the Cotton wrapped on the earbud can try cleaning the charging port; the moisture on the earbud will help to get as much as dirt possible.

These are some of the steps that you can follow and fix the charging issue of your iPhone.

If you have an Android smartphone that has similar issues, you can still try these things; however, we have written a separate article about the charging problems on the Android phone.


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