Gaming On Your Mobile Device: Top Mobiles Games You Should Be Playing On Your Cellphone

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We’re constantly on the go and looking for something new to take with us on our journey. For many of us, our mobile devices mean company and staying in touch with loved ones as we make our way to our destination. On the way to a tennis match, we take a look at the WTA odds or even play a few video games while we’re at it. 

Come with us as we explore the different video games you can play on your mobile device. 

Top Mobile Games

No matter your operating system, you deserve something you can play anywhere and anytime. Below we take a look at the top mobile games that you can play on your mobile device.

Before we look at a few of the top mobile games, we need to look at a few things we need to look out for when looking for a new mobile game. 

Firstly, always look at where you download your games. Always do your best to download your games from reliable websites such as Google Play and the Apple Store. This will prevent you from downloading things such as viruses and many more. 

Secondly, try your best to find something that fits your taste. We often play online games without finding out why we want to play. Are you looking for a challenge when playing this mobile game? Do you want something entertaining with a different storyline? By defining what you like, you give yourself the opportunity to find something that can keep you entertained and playing for longer. 

Lastly, always try and find something you can play for free. Playing games for free is always a good way to test whether or not that particular game is for you or not. The free version always leaves you without obligation making it easier for you to opt out in case you no longer want to play. 

It’s important to note that most of the games listed below are free, making it easier for you and those you may decide to recommend to others. 

Raid: Shadow Legends

In 2018 the world saw the birth of Raid: Shadow Legend, which was developed and published by Plarium and Plarium Global Ltd. The game operates on most operating systems, including Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, iPad, and Mac Operating System. 

The game currently has over 300 million users with over 56 million downloads across all platforms. The game has over one million active users daily, making it the perfect game to play.  

Mafia City

If you’re looking for something that allows you to build what you’re looking for, then Mafia City is definitely a good place to start. With Mafia City, you’re also able to invite your friends to help build your empires and move forward. 

The beauty of this game lies in being able to find new resources, erect new buildings, and also get training on new opportunities within the game. You are also able to battle new players and find your way around Mafia City. The entire point of the game is to become the Godfather, which is why we find the title Mafia City. 


Once in a while, we’d all like to live in a fantasy, and that’s exactly what Elvenar offers its players. There are various quests that each person needs to go through while they play Elvenar which include going on quests. If you do more research about the city you’re in, you may gather certain skills about your environment. 

Either way, if you’re looking for something to help you discover something new, then Elvenar is for you. 

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires was released in 2012 and was developed and published by InnoGames. The video game can be played on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and your Web browser. The genres of the game include real-time strategy and city-building games. It’s important to note that the game is free to play, which is amazing.

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