How to Get Dark Mode on Firefox on Your Android Smartphones

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With few apps introducing Dark Mode for Android Smartphones, it has become a kind of trend to have a Dark Mode feature in almost every app.

Google has given this option in YouTube, Contacts, Messages, and a few more apps, Evernote has already rolled out a Dark Mode, WhatsApp will soon be coming up with an update which will have a Dark Mode, though we already have a workaround for Dark Mode on WhatsApp.

But in this article, we will let you know how you can turn on Dark Mode on your Firefox browser on your Android mobile. The Firefox browser for Android is one of the most popular and complete browsers that you can use primarily.

And if you are not happy with the Dark Mode on Google Chrome for some reason, or the Firefox is your default browser on Android mobile, there is a way you can turn on Dark Mode.

Get the Dark Mode using the reading mode

It is actually the method that we have mentioned for Google Chrome as well. Firefox for Android also has got a Reading Mode which removes all the fancy styling of a web page and only shows you the content. It also lets you customise the page colour the font colour and the font size.

So what you can do is, customise the Reading Mode by turning the page colour to black when choosing the font colour to be white.

When you open a web page in Firefox for Android, you will find the Reading Mode option on the right-hand side of the address bar. Once you tap on the Reading Mode icon, you will see a clean interface to read the content in a clutter-free environment.

On the bottom right you will notice the option which lets you change the page colour to dark. Once you have selected your preference, you won’t have to set it every time you want to read something.

This might work for the majority of your browsing time, you will be reading something on a webpage. But the Reading Mode does not work when the page is a dynamic one, meaning you have logged into an account in its control panel or dashboard for anything which is not an article on the website.

In that case, you might find the second option of turning on Dark Mode on Firefox Android useful.

Use Add One to enable Dark Mode on FireFox

Fortunately, Firefox for Android supports third-party Add-ons that can enhance your browsing experience on Android device.

One such third-party Add-on is Dark Mode, and as the name suggest its exactly that, without you having to tap the Reading Mode icon in the address bar.

To install the Add-on, tap on the 3 dot menu, on the top right-hand side, which will open the options pane, from where you can tap on Add-ons,

You can browse all the extension and search for the Dark Mode, tap on ‘+ Add to Firefox‘ and the Add-on will be added to your force Firefox browser.

So, this is how you can enable Dark Mode on Firefox for Android. Since this addon does not offer any customisation, you can also browse the addons section to find a few other Add-ons that can offer you some kind of customisation options, one such Add-on is Dark Reader.

Why use Dark Mode?

We have already discussed this several times in our other post, we have given tutorials to enable Dark Mode if it’s not available natively in the app, the Dark Mode helps you conserve battery (even Google has acknowledged it), gives less strain to your eyes when you use your smartphone in the night with lights turned off, somehow it is less stressful to look at a darker screen instead of a white screen.

Moreover, it is good to have options you can always go back to the white screen whenever you desire.

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