Google Chrome Not Working: Check out the possible solutions

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Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available out there. It is my primary browser from the last couple of years. And since I used it all the time it happened to have issues with it as well.

There are times when Google Chrome starts throwing tantrums at me, it starts behaving slowly, and sometimes it does not work at all.

Thankfully the Google search has answers to a lot of these problems, all you need is a bit of patience to look for the actual solution that would really work in your case.

So what I am trying here is, putting all the possible solutions to the problems you might face regarding Google Chrome not working.

Google Chrome extensions not working?

There are times when a particular Google Chrome extension would not work normally, the immediate solution would be to restart the Google Chrome.

If you have enabled this option (the one that appears in the image below) from the settings area of Google Chrome you did you don’t need to worry about your work being lost, if you have a lot of tabs open.

Most of the time Google Chrome restart fix the problem. If not continue reading..

Sometimes the extension that you want to work requires an internet connection to work properly, so when the internet is not connected, the distinction might not work as it is supposed to.

There are also chances of getting the Chrome extension getting corrupted, this is very unlikely that the Chrome extension would get corrupted without any reason, but it has happened to me in the past. So the option you are left with his to remove the Chrome Extension from Google Chrome and then install it again from the Chrome web store.

How to fix ‘This site cannot be reached’ issue

There are times when websites like Gmail, YouTube, Facebook etc stop getting loaded in Google Chrome, while they load fine on other browsers. This has happened to me many times in the paste.

When I tried finding the solution for this issue, I couldn’t find it initially. And when I was finally able to find it the issue was fixed it itself, maybe it got fixed after I restarted my computer (so you can also try restarting a computer to fix this).

But here is it the official solution which I found on Google forums.

First of all, you can try opening websites in incognito mode, if the problem does not occur there, then the chances are high that one of your Chrome extensions my because of the problem.

To find the culprit, you can disable all the Chrome extensions one by one and simultaneously try to load these websites.

The other things you can try is caring all the cache and cookies or simply reset the Chrome settings.

Google Chrome does not open at all

This used to happen to me a lot on Windows PC, you click on the Google Chrome icon but it does not launch at all.

In that case, you would be required to reinstall it again. The process of installing the Google Chrome browser on your Windows PC is pretty simple.

Uninstall the current Google Chrome by going to the add/remove programs on your PC.

Then you need to open in internet explorer. You will find the option to download Google Chrome Browser on the bottom right-hand side. Simply keep following the instructions and you are good to go.

Seeing Weird Ads on Google Search Page?

If you are facing an issue where the weird type of Ads start appearing just above the Google search results, then it might be a particular Chrome extension that is causing the problem you can find the solution in this article.

Cities are some other possible issues you will encounter while using Google Chrome there might be many more and we will keep on adding as we find them, if this post does not get updated for your possible Google Chrome issue, you can click on the Google Chrome tag to find latest articles about Google Chrome and the issues that come with it.

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