Why Chrome Extensions Don’t Work on iPad

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Apple iPads have been around in the market for over a decade. Initially, they did not offer much apart from the bigger screen, which is technically helpful in many scenarios. Still, the software adopted by Apple for iPad was the software used on iPhones. The iOS. 

And the iOS always had limitations when it comes to using features that you use on your computer, or maybe even on Android, which is also a mobile platform. 

Over the years, Apple improved the iPad, and now they have separated the iPadOS from iOS, which brings many functionalities that make the iPad much more than an iPhone with a bigger screen. 

THere’s a lot of things you can do on an iPad, thanks to the powerful chips made by Apple for their devices. They are great at creative things like Photo Editing, Sketching, 3D designing, Video Editing etc. 

The screen on the iPad is excellent, and the speakers are loud. The battery gives long backups, which is great for content consumption on the go, be it Text, Music or Video. 

The Safari browser and the Google Chrome Browser on iPad let users open websites in desktop mode. If you get the Magic Cover for iPad or any other third-party cover with keyboards, you can do long-form typing as well.

That’s why Apple started calling the iPad a more laptop-like device. 

But, a typical laptop user would disagree. 

A laptop is still a complete package when it comes to doing things faster. Maybe it’s a little bulkier, not so easy to carry, with less battery life, but it gives you the freedom to download an app and install it without going to App Store and installing only the one that’s available there. 

And yes, for the majority of the people out there, an iPad is a great laptop replacement. But, for a good percentage of power users, the iPad isn’t there just yet. 

Google Chrome browser doesn’t support Chrome Extensions. Even Apple’s Safari browser lacks extension supports at the time of writing.  

Why Chrome Extensions Don’t Work on iPad

Chrome extensions on iPad are not fully functional because of the limitations of the iPad. Google Chrome on Mac OSX is a desktop-grade browser and has some limitations when used on an iPad.

Apple does not allow the installation of applications of any sort on the iPad outside of the app store. This is a decision they have made with iOS and continued it with the iPad voice as well.

On Mac OS, you can download the relation file of an app and install it as you do on Windows computers. It is because Apple allows it on Mac OS.

Support for Chrome extension on iPad would mean users would be able to install Chrome extensions from the Chrome Browser, which can create a loophole in the security system of Apple as it won’t be able to control what is being installed on a user’s computer.

Apple takes its users’ privacy and security very seriously, so it is not ready to compromise on it yet. 

This is my desktop-level extension of any sort that won’t be available in any browser available for iPad. 

On the other hand, Google allows Android users to sideload apps on gear smartphones, so it already has a little control over what can be installed in an Android device, and that’s why you will also find browsers for Android that let you use desktop-level extensions.


Get A Chromebook Tablet Instead

So, if you want to use Chrome extensions on a tablet, your best choice would be an Android tablet, or better go for a Chromebook, as the Chromebooks have got desktop grid Google Chrome browser.

Make changes in your workflow.

For the most part, working on the iPad as a primary computer works for me because I have optimised my workflow like that.

Web apps play a significant role in doing that. Since most of my work happens inside a browser, web apps have made it easy to keep things for me. 

Google drive has my Document files, PDF files, Spreadsheets. And then there are iOS apps that are thankfully optimised for larger screens, so you don’t have to struggle. 


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