Whats Google Password Checkup and Why It’s Useful?

Google helps to find if your password has been compromised or stolen

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If you are not aware, let me tell you Google has got an amazing Password Manager built into Google Chrome. The great part is that it is also available on smartphones. And it has introduced some useful features, one of which is Google password checkup.

Continue reading this article to know more about Google’s password checkup, and how useful it is.

So, from the last few weeks, I started getting this annoying pop up every time I try to login to an account for which I have saved my password in the Google Chrome Password Manager.

The popup asks you to check if the password you are using is compromised.

All you have to do is, click on the button, log into your Google account for security reasons. and then check out how many of your passwords from different online accounts have been compromised.

You can check it out yourself in the image above how many passwords that have been compromised.

These are the passwords that were exposed in a third-party data breach, and it would be best to change the password ASAP.

The same page offers a simple, easy way to update the password or remove the account from the list of accounts with compromised passwords.

Not sure when this feature was introduced in Google Chrome, but it is useful. I have shared a few tools that help you find compromised passwords, but all the tools are passive as they do not actively notify you every time you try to login to your account.

Before Google introducing this feature in Google Chrome, the only way to get notifications about a data breach and your passwords getting compromised was to use password managers like Dashlane or LastPass.

If you want to take it for your online account passwords and Google Chrome is not notifying you, you can click this link for a password check-up.

By looking at the report at my password check out it is surprising to see that I have more than 180 passwords that have been compromised somewhere in a data breach and I am using the same password on more than 400 sides, and I have got a vehicle password on more than 300 sites.

So, this password checker feature from Google Chrome is useful, and I recommend everyone should do it.

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