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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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No matter how better the Camera is getting on the smartphone, how powerful they’ve become in the last few years, one thing we will always crave for in a smartphone is the battery. At least I do.

Don’t hate me for the Clickbait but the solution for longer battery life I’m going to give you is little is something you are already aware of and it might be tough for you if you are a social media freak.

So the solution is, Uninstall the Facebook app from the smartphone.

At first, it might seem a bit aggressive but if you think again it’s really not that tough, and moreover, it’s really not the most important social network anymore.

Instagram on a smartphone is getting more traction and you have fewer relatives them,  at least as of now.

A lot of people are leaving Facebook. 

But I’m not a teen, how I’ll live without Facebook.

I understand this article is not for everyone, but for people who want to be more productive and need to get their stuff done.

And yes, those who don’t want their phones dead before its dark.

I want to tell you why I did it.

There isn’t really much use of Facebook on my phone, since all my friends are already on Whatsapp, and they are sharing their Stories on the new WhatsApp status, I can know about them from one app.

And Facebook, which was once all about staying connected with friends, is filled with Memes and random videos that auto play and pull me in the loop of more random videos for a few dozens of them before I realise I’ve been wasting time and battery laughing at the epic fail of a random dude.

I still browse it on my Computer, it’s still the enemy of productivity there but at least it’s not draining the battery.

If you’ve got business pages on Facebook you can use Facebook Page Manager, there a separate app for Ads Manager, and you can also keep the messenger app if you like to keep the communication going on the go.

It’s been only a few days but I’m really missing it, at times I see myself searching for the Facebook icon, but then I remember why I installed it in the first place, and it kind of helps me as somehow my mind gets a signal not to overuse/over browse other apps else they will also be thrown out of my phone.

If I have to report on the battery life, it’s really great to see how less the phone usage has become, it seems all the time I spent on my phone was mostly browsing the Facebook.

And now some part of the time is spent using other apps like Google docs and writing full articles like this one on my smartphone. BTW, the 6.44inch Xiaomi Mi Max ️is quite amazing for writing on the go.

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