Facebook Will Soon Allow Pages to Monetize Their Videos by Playing Ads in the Middle

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If you own a page on Facebook and it’s got a fair amount of engagement, start making videos now, because Facebook will soon let you make money from it.

If you’ve been on Facebook for a while you might have noticed the number of Videos appearing in your Newsfeed is quite on the heavier side.

Facebook is aggressively pushing videos on its platform, it has already tweaked its algorithm to favour Videos uploaded on Facebook over Text or Images. Anything that’s moving, gets a favour to appear in your newsfeed.

I couldn’t get the updated data, but according to Techcrunch, Facebook was getting 8 billion views per day as of November 2015, we can only imagine how many folds it might have increased today just by looking at our own Newsfeed which his 70% Video.

Facebook Ad on a Video on Desktop

And to make it more impactful, they make the videos play automatically, which means you tend to watch them even if you are casually scrolling your newsfeed.

I’ve written about how badly Facebook is trying to take YouTube down by promoting video content on its platform, and it was obvious that it will be bringing the Ads to it eventually, which it did.

Facebook Ad on a Video on Mobile

The Ads on the Videos start playing in the middle of the video, once you are engaged in the content. Currently, I noticed the Ads playing in Videos that from the USA.

Which means it’s available for Business Pages in the US, but it’s a strong signal that it will soon be rolled out globally.

One thing to notice here is that the Ads are shown to me despite my location being India. This is because Facebook has already been asking advertisers from all over the world to create Video ads and they currently appear in the Newsfeed (Mobile & Desktop), Instagram (if they are under 1 minute) and Instant Articles.

So Facebook has already got the Ads and since it started favouring videos on their platform, a large number of Facebook Pages have already started creating videos.

I have seen a lot of pages uploading their videos on both YouTube and Facebook, even when there is currently no option to monetize it on Facebook, what they are doing is, making sure to increase engagement on their page and be future proof for the upcoming video ads.

So, Facebook’s strategy of bringing publishers on board has been successful. The only factor which still needs to be addressed is some kind of system to check the plagiarism and stop Facebook Pages from stealing other people’s videos.

I’ve written about it in detail that how a few Facebook pages simply download other people’s videos Natively on Facebook and gain millions of views, likes and page likes.

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