How to Open Desktop version of Google Chrome on iPad

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With more than 30% of the market share in the Global Tablet PC shipments in 2020, Apple is again on the top for their lineup of Tablet PCs, the iPad.

It was in number 2 position in 2019 when Samsung was ahead of apple in the shipments. But Apple has more or less been the leader in the tablet PC market share since the inception of the iPad.

Now they have taken it to the next level with the release of iPadOS for their tablet PCs. The iPadOS makes their iPads more like Macs and less like iPhones.

Although getting a full computer experience is still a little far, the iPadOS makes a lot of things possible for the tablet PC users.

One such thing is that now they have got a file system, which is pretty much like the MacOS.

Users can also plug in their thumb drives so that they can offload files and use their iPad for some creation, rather than just consuming content.

With the keyboard-based covers for iPad, Apple’s goal is to give its users a computer-like experience whenever they want and a more compact solution when they are not in working mode.

Another fantastic thing iPad users are rejoicing after the launch of iPad OS is that they are now able to open desktop versions of websites in safari.

Open Desktop Websites in Safari

The Safari browser for iPadOS has been created from the ground up and now behaves pretty much like the Safari on Mac OS. It now opens any website in desktop version on an iPad by default.

Is still sad that Google Chrome users are stuck with the iOS version of Google Chrome. And they won’t be getting the desktop version of Google Chrome for iPad was anytime soon.

Meanwhile, if your objective is to open the websites in their desktop versions and not iPad versions, then you can n-type on the three dots on the top right-hand side which gives you a few options, and then you can tap on ‘Request desktop site.’

This pretty much gets the job done if you want to open the desktop version of a website on your iPad. However, you still won’t get the desktop experience as Google Chrome for desktop has extension support while the Google Chrome for iPad us does not support extensions.

How to open Desktop Based Google Chrome on iPad?

It may sound stupid, but it does work. And a requirement is you should have a Mac Computer with you. I know it’s a critical requirement but, in case if you have it here is how it works.

Now Apple has and added another exciting feature for their users who are bought into the Apple ecosystem, meaning they have got a MacBook and also have got an iPad.

If they do, do they can use their iPad as a second monitor for the MacBook. There is a feature called sidecar which, when enabled, lets you extend your desktop by choosing the iPad screen. And it is all done wirelessly.

So if you are indoors and you want to to use the desktop version of Google Chrome on your iPad, you can take advantage of the Sidecar feature and extend your Macbook desktop.

When connected the device, you will be holding would be an iPad, but the operating system would make waste feeding into the iPad screen. And the best part is, is that a screen works pretty nicely So you can launch any app in just a single tab.

Open other MacOS based apps on iPad

You cannot only open Google Chrome but all the other Mac OS based apps that are installed on your Mac computer, on your iPad since it the only e is an extension of your Mac computer.

I know this solution doesn’t work for everybody because not everyone has got a MacBook and for a lot of people, the iPad is their only computer.

To some extent, Apple knows that too, since it has been promoting its iPad as an entry device into Apple ecosystem for people who are looking for more than just a smartphone.

Will there ever be a desktop based Google Chrome for iPad device

Now that Apple has developed its chipset for their Max computers, they have changed the whole architecture of the computer, and third-party developers are adapting to this change and rewriting their apps for silicone-based chipsets.

Which means there is a possibility that we could be seeing a fully functional Google Chrome for iPad as well. Till then, I hope you can make use of the workarounds I mentioned above.

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