How to Prevent Your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (or Any Other) Phone from Exploding

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Yes, you read it right, this is the need of hour when we hear the news of Mi Phones exploding here and there, we want to educate the non-techies so that can prevent this from happening.

Why only Xiaomi Phones? Why not others?

Pardon for putting Xiaomi in the headline, there is no scientific evidence that only Xiaomi phones explode, recently a Jio Phone also exploded, (and a Samsung last year) If the article could have a second headline, it would be,

How to Prevent Your Smartphone from Exploding

So, if you own any other phone which is not from Xiaomi, you too might also find this post useful ( do share with other friends as well). So, this is how to prevent your phone from exploding.

Why Do Phones Explore?

Phones explore because they Lithium-Ion batteries in them explode. And they explore because of two main reasons.

A short circuit, caused by dropping or the phone, swelling or the better because of some manufacturing fault, or cheap batteries not manufactured according to the standards.

Or by Overheating, which can be caused by a Bad circuit on the phone itself or by a faulty charger.

No matter how many tests these Mobile phone manufacturers would do in the labs, there will always be a chance that some units might come as faulty, it could be a fault in the battery or the wiring or anything that would cause excessive heating issues.

Overheating is the biggest culprit

Normal heating, like while playing a game or doing some recourse intensive tasks, is not an issue, any computing device gets heated when used to its full potential. We are talking about overheating because of the higher voltage chargers or the faulty ones that are not cheap/ unbranded.

Stop using high voltage chargers

These days even the mid-range smartphones come with Fast Charging Capabilities, but phones from Xiaomi, like the Redmi 4 or Redmi Note for still don’t support fast charging. But that does not stop the third party mobile accessories manufacturers to supply Chargers with higher voltage.

A higher voltage charger might charge your phone’s battery faster, but it can heat it up like crazy.

Stop Using Unbranded Chargers

Now, I am not blaming every unbranded charger for causing the batteries to explode, there might be some good chargers with Voltage within the limits for a battery, but they are not coming from known brands means they might not have been tested and could be faulty, which means, they can cause your phone’s battery to explode.

So, always use the Charger that comes with your phone, or invest in a good brand Charger (you can check these on (for US Readers) or ( for Indian Readers).

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Featured image source: XDA Developers Forum

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