Is Google Really Going To Build An Ad Blocker for Google Chrome?

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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Guess what’s going on in the Internet world today? Google is planning to build an Ad Blocker into their Google Chrome.

Google reportedly made $20 Billion Dollars from Advertising last year, and yet they want to block ads? are they nuts?

Forget Google, the majority of the content on the nternet is supported by Ads, this is how Creators earn their bread and butter. Creating something in-house to take away ads will not be appreciated by the publishers. But wait, there is more to it than it is talked about.

It’s a well-planned move that is only going to benefit Google in increasing their advertising dollars.

Even though their revenue is growing year over year, it can’t be said for the Independent Publishers like me, who have seen fall in the advertising revenue. Their growth is because of the growing internet penetration and getting more publishers on board.

Now there are few publishers to put ads on their websites as if they want to pump all the oil from the ground. This is affecting the user experience and forcing users to install the third party Ad-Blockers to save themselves from such aggressive ads.

In fact, the usage of third Party Ad-Blockers is in millions, the most popular ad blocker, the Ad-Blocker Plus has more than 10 million installs on Google Chrome. And Google Reportedly pays AdBlock Plus to let their ads pass. and this is one of the reasons Google wants to build its own ad blocker.

If Google has their own Ad Blocker, they can control what Ads get banned, and it is highly unlikely they are going to block their own ads. Even if they offer such an option, it won’t be enabled by default.

People who are installing the third Party Ad Blockers on their browsers are going to do it anyway, but with Google’s own AdBlocker, it will have the option let their ads pass without paying anything.

I personally don’t find Google Ads aggressive, it’s those download sites (and a few news sites) that are filled up misleading ads that are making publishers like us suffer because the users mainly use Ad blockers for them.

While the news of Google making their own AD-Blocker for Google Chrome is not official many big publishing sites have given good amount of coverage, which means there has to be some reality to it, and I think it totally makes sense to bring something to Google Chrome, which will not only help Google but also to honest Publishers.

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