6 Cool iOS 12 Features You Should Know About

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Apple has recently released the stable version of IOS 12 and you should be able to update your iPhones to the latest version.

If you have just updated your iPhones to the new OS and you are still looking for what is cool about the iOS 12 check out these cool features in the new OS.

Notification control

If you get a lot of notifications on your iPhone this can be pretty handy. There is a new option that is included in the system and its called notification grouping.

It has been there in Android for a very long time and finally, it is available in iOS as well.

This makes the use of Notification Shade pretty smartly since all the notifications from Facebook will be grouped in one so that there is a room for notifications from another app.

You can enable it from notifications under settings, you will find an option called notification grouping used automatically from the drop-down menu.

Automatic location sharing

Apple has included a new feature in iOS 12 that will share your location automatically to the emergency services when you need them.

This is possible because iPhone keeps the location services turned on automatically, therefore you no longer will have to share your location manually, which will result in a faster service from them.

Though, it might only work in the US

Measure Distance between two points

There is a new feature in the iOS 12 which will let you measure the distance of an object.

It could be someone’s height, or how far is it from you or anything else.

The app uses Augmented reality to measure everything. You can choose two different points and measure the distance between them using the Measure app.

Scan QR code

Again a feature that has been long available in Android is now available in iPhone says well, you can scan a QR code to get more information about it.

There are several companies that have been using QR code to direct users to their respective app downloads or anything else, it is an easier means are flirting users direct somewhere without then having to type it manually.

If you haven’t got the QR code scanner you can enable it from the ‘Control centre‘ in your iPhone settings. Go to the customise controls where you can find the option called ‘Scan QR code’, toggle the option to added to your control centre.

Sync Voice Memo

You cannot record a voice memo and get It synced across all your devices using the iCloud.

For example, if you have recorded something on your iPhone and you want it on your MacBook, you can simply turn on iCloud sync to get the voice memo on your MacBook.

Add a second face to face ID

Face ID was introduced with the launch of iPhone X last year, and this feature has been introduced the latest iPhones as well.

And with the latest iOS 12, you will now be able to add two different faces to the face ID.

Previously it was only possible to add just one face, however, if you have a partner who wants to use your smartphone you can add their face as a temporary lock.

This can be done from the ‘Face ID and Passcode‘ option in your iPhone settings. You will find ‘Set up an Alternate Appearance‘ from where you can add the second phase.

So these were few cool features you will find in the iOS 12, the update is available for free via OTA, you can go to the about section of your smartphone and check for updates if there is any and update your iPhone to iOS 12.

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