How to Manage and Repair Windows Registry on your PC or Laptop

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One of the key factors to keep your Windows PC running smoothly is the registry files on your Windows operating system.

Every software a program you install on your Windows PC or laptop, it makes a bit of change in the windows registry. And when you uninstall them the registry files remain the same.

This is why it is crucial to manage and repair the Windows registry to make the windows os function properly.

In this article, we are listing out some tools that will help you manage and repair the Windows registry.

Reset registry permissions

This app will let you reset all the permissions that what changed by an app earlier.

And it doesn’t matter whether there is just a single change or change on hundreds of files you can reset everything within a few seconds with the help of this tool.

It works smoothly on Windows 7 or the latest versions of Windows 10.

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Registry backup

This one is another tool from the same developer and therefore it works pretty impressively.

This app has got a lot of options to perform different actions.

As the name suggests it will help you back up your registry files so that he can restore it in case if you have done a drastic change in the registry key files.

Registry tweak

This app is also pretty simple to use which will easily let you write various registry files on your Windows OS.

You can save the files and share with anybody else. This app is really helpful in quickly fixing errors relating to Windows registry files.

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CCleaner might be an app to clean temporary files and cookies on Windows operating system, but one of its features is to fix registry keys. And it works perfectly fine.

It gives you the option to backup your registry keys fixing them so that you can always go back in case if something happens but it never did anything wrong in my experience

I have been using it from last one decade, and I have always found it useful in fixing the registry keys.

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So these were some of the best apps that you can use to manage and repair registry files on your Windows operating system on your PC and laptop. You can find more articles on our blog.

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