How To Use OLX and Quikr to Make Some Quick Cash

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
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If you were not living under a rock for several years, you might be aware of sites like Quikr and OLX.

These are online portals where people sell and buy (both used as well as new) stuff at a convenient price.

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can use sites like OLX and Quikr to make a quck buck.

Though the money you’ll make from these sites, may not be too much to be considered a full-time income, but College students will some extra cash to spend.

The trick is actually quite popular in the US, because there are so many sites like this, and majority of the people use these sites to sell and buy things. This trick doesn’t require a lot of cash, you can start small and then expand accordingly.

How to make quick cash using these sites

So, we know the Ads for these sites keep running on the TV 24×7. And these sites keep telling people how easy it is to sell their stuff online. Just click some photos from Mobile phones and list the things you don’t want anymore.

If you browse through these sites, you will find so good things being listed for very less prices. You will find a few good things with bad photos.

Buy from OLX, Sell on Quikr (or vice versa)

So, if you can buy them, invest some money in fixing and making them look new and taking good photos (with some photography tricks) and relisting them on another such site, you can sell it for more that you actually bought it.

Suppose you see a Mobile phone, whose original MRP is Rs 15,000/- listed on OLX, for Rs 6,000/-, the photos are bad, there are few scratches on the body of the mobile phone, and battery isn’t giving enough backup.

You can buy it got Rs 6000/- (or even bargain to buy it at an even lesser price), change the body of the phone, put a new battery. You can easily sell it on Quikr for a better price with some profit.

The profit might not be huge, pehaps Rs 500-Rs 1000, but isn’t it a good deal for a college student spending approx 2 houts.

There are many categories to sell and buy from

The mobile phone is just an example, there are so many other things people buy and sell on these sites. Suck as Furnitures, Home Appliances, Home Decors etc.

You can be creative with such thingfs and make them look new. The more expensive the product, the more potential you have to increase your profit.

Buy Offline and Sell Online (or Vice Versa)

In my college days, I was the guy to get in touch with when people wanted to buy and sell their Mobile Phones I used to make decent cash as a college student. It’s easy to be one even today.

Promise your friends and relatives to sell their phones for a better price. The idea is to get inventory and then sell it with some profit margin.

Or you can buy stuff from these websites, invest some morey and creativity in fixing them and naming them new. And then sell them offline.

I am sure this is going to be helpful for many.

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