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These days, your phone lets you do things you can’t even imagine. It’s your Video Camera, your Photo Camera, Your Scanner, Fitness Tracker, Alarm Clock, Voice Recorder and whatnot.

I wish it could make me coffee as well.

While it may take some time for the Smartphones to be smart enough to make Coffee for you, you can surely order one.

We are listing some of our best apps that are a must-have for anyone who loves food.

Discover Nearby Places to Eat


I am sure you are already aware of the Zomato app and its benefit, but there is more you can do with the app.

Its algorithm is so good that it shows your best places that serve delicious food on your homepage, and with some really useful information about the restaurants.

If you ever find yourself in a situation when you badly need to go out and are clueless about where to go, the Zomato app helps you find the suitable Restaurant you can go to eat out. It tells you whether the Restaurant has AC, Wi-Fi, Food Menu and How much approx. it may cost two people.

And you can find user reviews to know more about other people’s experiences.

Alternatively you can also use Swiggy. For some people cookies budget in Zomato and vice versa. But if you are a proof foodie, you will have both the apps installed on your mobile phone, so that we can switch between the apps which one offers you the best deal.

Cook Delicious Food at Home


Foodtippr is a food blog from our network of blogs that makes it super easy to follow their recipe as they all have got step by step instructions along with photos and videos of every step.

All Recipes

This is probably the biggest community of food lovers from around the world. You will get many different variations of any recipe. I use it to find the variant of the recipe of which I’ve got all the required ingredients in my kitchen.

Food Planner

if you find yourself stuck at what to cook, you surely need this app to plan your entire week in advance. This app makes it possible to keep your meals planned so that you don’t have to make last-minute compromises just because one ingredient is not in your kitchen.


Sometimes you just want to make a delicious and exotic meal for yourself but the ingredients are not available in your local grocery store. In situations like these, online grocery delivery services like grofers can be really useful.

Their catalogue is waste and it is unlikely that they will miss an ingredient you need.

Alternative to Grofers is Big Basket and JioMart, you can try it out to compare prices and see if you can get competitor pricing on the things you want to order.

Calories Counting / Healthy Food Habits

Calorie Counter

A Foodie has to keep a count of the calories he consumes because, for them, Calories is the most valuable currency, The more wisely you spend/consume, the richest/healthy you are.

Calories Counter tells you how many calories a particular food has which can help you whether you want to go for another plate or just grab a bite.

GoFigure Food Substitution

This is a useful app for people with allergies who cannot have a particular ingredient in a recipe but still want to enjoy it, this app gives an alternative to the ingredient.

Food Substitutes is also useful for people who forget to keep their kitchens stocked all the time and want to finish a recipe by using a substitute of an ingredient.

Healthy Food

This app collects all the useful information about the food you love and shows you in a beautiful layout that you can actually understand and decide what’s best for you.

It acts as your personal diet planner and tells you what type of food you should have at what time of the day. This always helps you keep in check and not get fat by consuming all your favourite food.

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